Ver. 0.3.3


Dear friends, you are finishing the Battle for Facility event very quickly! Many of you have successfully upgraded skills and can now be called Xenna pros! We are happy you liked it so much, but let's just say that with each new update the game will become more difficult! We’re not going to let you get bored!

Cool Robots with Cool Abilities!

You upgraded your robot as much as you could! That’s good because in order to use an ability of a certain rarity, you will need to upgrade your robot to the appropriate level. All ability cards previously used will be reset to the inventory. You will have to reinstall them manually.

The cards will not disappear, and their rarity and level will not change. However, if your robot does not meet the required level for a specific card, you will not be able to use it until you upgrade the robot.

These are the Ability Rarity to Robot Level correlations:

Web or App — You Choose!

We have just launched Xenna personal accounts which will become a connecting gateway between our game and the entire metaverse. This is where your NFT assets will be displayed, which you can use both in Xenna and other games. Registering is super simple:

Now when you buy GORE in the application, you will have the option to go to your personal account and make a purchase there. GORE is sold for $USDT and is used to purchase both premium accounts and the in-game currency GCell.

By the way, we also updated the GORE and GCell visuals in the Shop. Now it will be even more convenient to make purchases.

We are Ready for More Events!

Friends, with no false modesty, we must admit that our Battle for Facility event was a great success! We knew you'd love it, but really; we didn't expect such hype! You completed the event 4 times faster than expected!

This means only one thing: we have to have many more events! We have updated the technical base so that we can flexibly configure the reward system, adjust the event conditions, and track your ratings! Eager for a new competition? Because it’s coming!

Strategy on the Map and in Metaverse

Xenna is a strategy at its core. Not only do you have to make lightning-fast decisions in a 6-minute skirmish, but you also need to think far ahead with an ecosystem-wide horizon. We know casual playing is all about fun and relaxation, but you definitely have the option to get more! Make sure to follow our events and take part in them. They do not require any financial investment, but have the potential to accrue incredible dividends!

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