Ver. 0.1.7

Community Boxes

  • Added Community Boxes for rewarding active users (Discord activities)


  • Once an opponent is found, players will see their whole team and wallet in the battle download window

  • Removed "Accept" button - it is now impossible to reject battle when it's found


  • The Boss can now only be activated upon receiving damage.

  • Incoming damage for Hyperprism is displayed.

  • The time given to kill the Boss has now increased.


  • The Railgun Pistol now takes 2 Energy points instead of 3.

  • The Wave Modulator's damage has increased to 140-200 instead of 100-124.


Item Rarity UI

  • There are now 6 Item Rarity UI types in the game

Bug Fixes

  • The maximum number of items in one Inventory slot is now 99

  • The number of items in an Inventory slot is fixed — previously, this number was only shown when scrolling down to the bottom of the list

  • The loot box display is fixed — previously, Silver loot boxes were sometimes shown instead of Gold ones.

Visual Updates

  • Now, unused identical weapons are automatically grouped together in one Inventory slot

  • Voltrones’ race-based Ability is renamed to ‘Lightning Bolt’ (previously called ‘Electric Shock’)

  • The readability of the interface has improved — there is now a translucent background behind Heroes’ names

  • The Equipped item in Inventory is now highlighted

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