Cosmic Gears Guidebook

What Is “Cosmic Gears”?

Cosmic Gears is a Telegram-based mini arcade game by Sidus Heroes, developed in close collaboration with Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller, renowned for exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs, and Bybit, a leading cryptocurrency exchange known for its user-friendly interface and advanced trading features.

Jump aboard and test your math skills, logic, reaction speed, and luck! Cosmic Gears has the potential to become a family favorite in your home. Kids, adults, and everyone in between are invited along for the adventure! Do math in a spaceship, who said those two can’t come together?

Meanwhile, the Cosmic Gears Tournament charms players with more than fun. You will compete for a $250,000 Prize Pool comprised of exclusive prizes - “Free the Money. Free the World” wristwatches by Franck Muller, each valued at $25,000!

What Is the Tournament’s Time Frame?

Cosmic Gears Tournament will last from April 29, 07:00 am UTC to May 29, 07:00 am UTC.

Which Devices Support “Cosmic Gears”?

The game will be available on mobile devices and tablets (Android and iPad).

Gameplay Description: How to get to the top?

What do you need to do? Simply score the most points during the competition, make it to the Top 100, and get a chance to win a luxury watch by Franck Muller. You will get points after completing each level. To complete a level:

  • Collect the mathematical sign appearing on your path. It will then be fixed on the hull of the spaceship.

  • Collect numbers. They will join your current number and change it once the sign is applied.

  • Get your current number within the displayed numerical range before the time runs out.

Simple enough, but we have plenty of tips to share to make your gameplay more enjoyable. So, if you need better visuals or more details, take a closer look at the detailed “How to Play” guide or watch the tutorial at the start of the game.

What’s the Carrot?

As mentioned, the Tournament features a $250,000 Prize Pool in the form of 10 exclusive watches from Franck Muller. Every watch is part of a 'Deep Cold Storage' collection, which includes two essential elements: a dial engraved with a unique public address, and a USB drive securely encased, holding the private key. In other words, Franck Muller created a wristwatch with a crypto cold wallet built into it. This revolutionary approach allows users to seamlessly manage their Bitcoin holdings directly via the dial interface — whether it's depositing funds into their wallet or monitoring their balance. Honestly, isn’t that every cryptohead’s dream?

How are the winners selected?

Time for details. The Prize Pool will be divided as follows:

  • 8 watches worth $200,000 in total. The winners will be randomly selected from the Top 100 players after the event is closed. The winners will be announced on the Sidus Heroes social media.

A random number generation service will select 8 numbers from 1 to 100. Players who occupy the corresponding places in the ranking receive watches.

  • 2 watches worth $50,000 in total. The winners will be randomly selected by Sidus Heroes regardless of rank among players who meet the following conditions:

  1. Hold at least 300,000 SIDUS tokens in their wallet throughout the game.

  2. Have activated at least one Hero in the game, or keep one on the wallet, connected to the game.

Winners of 2 watches will also be selected randomly using the random number generation service regardless of rank among players who meet the conditions mentioned above.

The winners will be chosen using the random number generation service. All winners will be announced on the Sidus Heroes social media. Stay tuned for more details!

Cherry On Top

The 2 lucky winners who received watches after randomized selection based on SIDUS holdings and Hero activation (mentioned above) have another surprise coming their way. Not to spoil the news, but we couldn’t hold it in!

If the 2 winners post their pictures on Twitter and Instagram with their freshly received Franck Muller wristwatches and use the hashtags #sidus and #franckmuller, they will each receive an additional $2,500 in their wallets!

How are the prizes distributed?

Franck Muller, the high-end Swiss watch manufacturer that granted the “Free the Money. Free the World” collection wristwatches, will also handle the distribution.

How to Start Playing?

Game access is granted ONLY through getting a Hero and subsequently activating it on the website. Here is a small step-by-step on how to start playing:

  1. Buy a Hero. They can be purchased on Bybit Marketplace (the primary sales till April 22, 10:00 UTC) or on the secondary market: OpenSea.

  2. Activate the Hero on

  3. Proceed to the Bot at

  4. Press 'Start' - the bot will send the game.

  5. Press 'Play' in the game and wait for the menu to load.

  6. Press 'Start' to begin playing. A tutorial will be available on your first flight.

Why Are The NFT Heroes So Cool?

The “Cosmic Gears by Franck Muller” NFT collection will initially have 3 Heroes for you to choose:

  • AETERNITAS - The NFT minion is named after a legendary Franck Muller watch that also inspired the construction of a same-named tower in Dubai, UAE. The minion is yours for the taking on ByBit Marketplace (limited edition).

  • SKAFANDER - This minion is also named after a Franck Muller exclusive diver watch, and can be found on Sidus Market (limited edition). Now it's available on the secondary market: OpenSea.

Both time-ticking minions have the feature: the same skill, that adds 10 seconds to the timer.

  • ALFRED - last but not least Hero. He is only available as a gift to holders of a “Mystery Box” by Franck Muller. Alfred provides access to Cosmic Gears and also possesses a unique skill!

HeroSkillDescriptionHow to get itPriceQuantity

Extra time on each level

The Hero gives access to the game and has a skill advantage.

Buy on Sidus Market or get it as an in-game reward.

Limited Edition is available till April 15, 10:00 UTC.

$69 in SIDUS tokens


Extra time on each level

The Hero gives access to the game and has a skill advantage.

Buy on ByBit Marketplace.

Limited Edition is available till April 22, 10:00 UTC.

0.02 ETH


Slowmo: Alfred can stop time for a moment

Free Hero for Franck Muller Mystery Box holders. Gives access to the game.

A snapshot of Mystery Box holders was taken on March 28.

If your wallet was included in the snapshot, you can access the website and activate the Hero.


142 holders.

Where to find a Hero after the NFT collection sales close?

After the limited NFT collections of Skafander and Aeternitas wrap up, they will be available on the secondary market. Check out the collections on OpenSea.

Just make sure you follow the updates on Sidus Heroes’ social media to get the news first.

Who is Behind the Project?

As mentioned from the get-go, Cosmic Gears is the lovechild of three companies, united by a shared passion.

Franck Muller, the prestigious Swiss luxury watchmaker (since 1991), is renowned for exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. Franck Muller watches are celebrated for their intricate complexity, exquisite aesthetics, and attention to detail, making them a favorite among collectors and connoisseurs of fine horology. Additionally, the experts at Franck Muller value innovation as much as they honor tradition. This reverence is beautifully embodied in their latest collection, which seamlessly melds a crypto cold wallet with the classic wristwatch.

Bybit is a leading cryptocurrency exchange known for its user-friendly interface and advanced trading features. Traders rely on Bybit’s seamless and secure platform for buying, selling, and trading a wide range of cryptocurrencies while also valuing its strong emphasis on derivatives trading. The exchange features a daily trading volume north of $6 billion and offers its users pairs of nearly 600 different crypto assets.

Sidus Heroes is a pioneering, Web3, space-based gaming Metaverse that offers interstellar exploration and conquests. The metaverse features multiple game studios, unified under one lore book, and a common economy across all its titles. SIDUS embraces a cross-platform approach, enabling seamless progress transference between all its high-quality gaming products. The Metaverse is constantly evolving, incorporating new and exciting projects while nourishing and upgrading staple games, such as Xenna, Tembazar, Nidum, and others.

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