Weapons are assets that can be used by all Heroes, regardless of their race. Users can upgrade their weapons but they cannot use weapons that are classed as higher in level than their Hero’s Experience Level. The same applies to their Weapon Mastery Level.

The Experience Level must match (or exceed) the following Weapon Levels:

  • Common - 60 Lvl

  • Uncommon - 70 Lvl

  • Unique - 75 Lvl

  • Rare - 80 Lvl

  • Epic - 90 Lvl

  • Legendary - 100 Lvl

Currently, there are only three types of Common weapons in the game:

Railgun pistol

Damage type: Target

Power level: 156

Minimum damage: 39

Maximum damage: 49

Energy cost: 2

Skill name: Powerful shot

The pistol creates a high-energy field around the cartridge, which allows it to inflict terrible bleeding wounds.

Wave modulator

Damage type: Target

Power level: 135

Minimum damage: 80

Maximum damage: 130

Energy cost: 3

Skill name: Wave blast

The weapon emits a deadly energy wave that interacts with the fluid in the target's body


Damage type: Target

Power level: 275

Minimum damage: 220

Maximum damage: 290

Energy cost: 5

Skill name: Charged shot

The weapon generates a powerful electric discharge that causes tremendous damage to the target.

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