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Mutagenetor Event, Gates Drop Boxes, and Energy UPD

Hello fighters! We are here with another great event that will help you strengthen your position in the SIDUS HEROES universe. After all, we did not just introduce all these new ratings for nothing. Grab your chance while you can!

We hope there is no need to remind you that you should all play fair, because we have all recently seen the consequences. We are doing really hard work to create the best game ever and we want honest people to enjoy it to the fullest.

Peace, and let’s get to the updates!

Get ready for Replicant Upgrades! There’s a New Event!

Getting a Legendary Replicant is a real catch, because these guys will get the right to work in Bank modules, and this promises a lot of earnings. They also strongly boost your Collection Rarity and expand your investment limit. Starting today, your chance at getting Legendary Replicants is getting even closer because we are starting a cool new event!

From October 28 to November 10, you can collect 14 parts of a new device that will help you upgrade your Replicants called the Mutagenetor!

Mutagen and Replicant Upgrade

There will be two types of Mutagenetors:

Epic Mutagenetor — to upgrade your Replicant from Common to Epic Legendary Mutagenetor — to upgrade your Replicant from Epic to Legendary

For Replicant upgrades you will need to use a special substance called Mutagen. Mutagen will be extracted from your Replicants using the Mutagenetor. To get an Epic Mutagen, you will need to sacrifice Common Replicants. To get Legendary Mutagen, you will have to sacrifice Epic Replicants.

The resulting Mutagens can be sold on the marketplace or applied to your Replicant. This is the scariest part though: when using Mutagen on a Replicant, it has a 50% chance to either upgrade or die.

Be careful before using Mutagen. The shortcut to rarity rankings is faster, but always much more dangerous.

How to assemble a Mutagenetor

Every day we give away 1 part to the top 10 in the following ratings:



  • Daily Race MAX DAMAGE

All the parts will go to your Inventory, and later you will be able to assemble them into a Mutagenetor to extract a Mutagen, which in turn will help you upgrade your Replicants!

Mutagenetor Parts distributed each day


Race MAX DAMAGE Rewards

* You are eligible for one part per title per day.

If you suddenly forgot how the Replicants differ in rarity, here's a reminder:

Confuse your Enemy! We hid the Energy

Sometimes a carefully thought out battle tactic fails just because the enemy can clearly read your actions based on stat fluctuations. This is going to get more difficult, because it is now impossible to see the opponent's Energy, making it impossible to read their actions. For example, it’s harder to see whether or not they used a Bluffin the previous round.

You can no longer see:

  • How much Energy the opponent had at the beginning of the round

  • How much Energy was spent on hidden abilities, like Bluffing

You will still be able to see Your Energy at the beginning of each round.

Energy Boost! Keep fighting!

As fights become longer and more exhausting, your Hero loses a lot of energy. We decided to help you a little and introduce additional conditions! One of them is the Energy Boost received for an action or a turn skip.

At the beginning of the seventh round and until the end of the battle, all Heroes will receive +3 Energy Points for acting and +5 Energy Points for skipping, instead of the previous +2/+3!

Keep fighting till the end!

GATES Drop Boxes are live! Get yours in the Store!

Just for you, we have collected a brand new drop box, filled not only with our love, but also with several very valuable things. We tried hard and hope you will like it. The new dropboxes are now available in the Store. They increase the investment limit of $SIDUS in our most prominent SIDUS GATES module!

Get up to 10 drop boxes every day. The rarity of the drop box does not affect purchase availability, meaning you can buy 10 Legendary, or 5 Epic and 5 Legendary boxes.

The price for the Drop boxes is seen in USD, but the purchase is made in $SIDUS, which means that the $SIDUS price changes dynamically.

*Xenna Hero cards are a new NFT collection that can not be used immediately. You will find the card in your Inventory and will be able to use it to receive early access to the new Xenna Strategy game beta.

**By purchasing one of the boxes, players increase their $SIDUS investment limits for the SIDUS GATES module. Every Sidus Gates Boost increases your limit by 10,000 $SIDUS.

***The Team Bonus Boost is issued for 6 hours and increases your Team Bonus drop by double! Every Team Bonus Boost extends your double drop for another 6 hours.

All boosts become active right after opening the Box. And yes, you can open the Drop Box with your Diamond Key. In this case you get:

  • 2 Xenna NFT cards

  • 2 Sidus Gates Boosts for 10,000 $SIDUS each

  • 2 subsequent x2 Team Bonus Boosts

Store investors, we know you have been waiting for this! You get 50% of the sales profit from these items! Thank you for believing in us!

The Power is growing in your hands

More and more control over the game is drifting into the players’ hands. Now you don’t just buy Heroes from a collection; you yourself regulate the composition of this collection. This in turn affects the entire economic future of the game. Yes, you will have to work hard to get such opportunities, but power is not given easily, and the dividends from this are huge! We know you are strong and can do anything you set your mind to. Enjoy the game!

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