Connecting Xenna With Sidus Metaverse

Dear friends, it's time to connect Xenna and the metaverse and get ready to start earning within the common ecosystem. In order to integrate Xenna, we needed to create a gateway through which you can manage your assets and participate in investment activities. Xenna's personal account based on the web version will become such a gateway. Let's see what you can do there now, and what prospects await you later:!

Xenna Personal Account

To enter your account you will need to connect your wallet — the one you are using to play SIDUS HEROES. Upon connecting you will see the user interface.

There are several settings you can change to personalize your account:

  • Change your account avatar (does not affect the game)

  • Change your name

  • Change your nickname

  • Set anonymous mode (personal data is hidden from other players)

  • Add social profiles (Instagram, Facebook)

In the future you will have to connect the web version with your Xenna gaming account. To do so you will need to use the same email address you used for creating an account in Xenna. This will allow you to unite all your metaverse assets and game progress to transfer it to or from Xenna.

GOre Purchase for $USDT

For Ver.0.3.0, we terminated all gifted Premium accounts (except for the Trophy Road ones). You can now buy a Premium account using the GOre currency that will become available for you in the first web version release.

What is GOre?

GOre is an in-game currency that will allow you to purchase in-game assets through the Shop.

In your personal account, you can purchase the GOre for $USDT.

There are 6 quantity types to buy:

Using GOre, you can already purchase a Premium account and soft currency which is sold in four variants:

Soft currency allows you to unlock ability slots for your robots. You can also use it in the Shop.

First Step to Joint Metaverse Success

Very soon we are going to have the Xenna Privileged NFT auction. On January 25, the first special event was launched, where you can win a Facility NFT even with a free account. All of these become your metaverse assets and join what you already have now. You will be able to use all of these in the future and in all other games of the metaverse by transferring them from one planet to another. Your combined game progress will transfer too, which will eventually also become the most valuable asset that you can sell, monetizing your game time! Today we have taken another step towards this goal!

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