Ver. 0.1.8.f1


  • It takes 24 hours now for the next BOSS to appear.

  • Players now get a Gold Tesseract for any 5 victories — no winning streak required! The daily limit for Tesseracts is 5.

SENATE Investment Points value UPD

  • 1 SENATE now costs 100 Investment Points

  • Basic Daily Limit — 5 SENATE

  • Amount needed to start the construction — 5,000 SENATE

Bug fixes and balance UPD

  • Railgun Power calculation is counted correctly in the matchmaking process

  • Wave Modulator standard damage level for this weapon is now 80-130

  • The information icon has been removed from the Collection Bonus block when the block is minimized

  • Fixed the icon indicating that a Hero owns a specific weapon in the Inventory

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