SIDUS LP Farming

A Few Simple Steps on how to Farm $SIDUS? Guide for Beginners and Veterans!

Hello, there! $SIDUS farming is up and running and you can now get some extra rewards for your $SIDUS assets! Farming is a great opportunity if you do not want to commit to restricted time periods and want to stay in charge of your token management. Our farming runs on our proprietary Shadow Technology© that allows you to keep your Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens in your own wallet while still getting rewarded for them. Read more about this feature here:

If you are new to farming and eager to dive in, please read this guide. 10 minutes, a few simple steps, and you are all set!

Step 1 — Connect your Wallet & Initiate Farming

If you are ready to farm $SIDUS, start here:

First, you will need to connect your MetaMask wallet to this page.

You can download the mobile application or extension for your browser here:

It's very easy to install and start using MetaMask.

Now head back to and connect the wallet.

Your wallet should now be connected, and should already display any LPs on your wallet. Press “Start Farming”.

Your wallet will ask you to agree to pay a fee to start farming. Confirm the transaction when you are ready.

Step 2 — Add Liquidity

If you already have liquidity in the Uniswap $SIDUS/$WETH pool, your farming status will say “FARMING IS ACTIVE”, and you will start farming almost immediately. The system may take a few moments to initiate.

If you have no liquidity added, your Farming Status will say “LIQUIDITY REQUIRED”. Click the “ADD LIQUIDITY” button and find yourself on Uniswap:

First, you need to connect your wallet - in our case it’s Metamask

Next, you have to put $SIDUS and $WETH into a pool in equal proportion,

and get LP tokens for it.

When approving $SIDUS, you will be offered to set a sending cap. Set close to amount you plan to use as liquidity or a bit bigger.

Next, you need to approve the usage of $SIDUS by the smart contract.

Now, you can press Supply and see what you will receive.

Note that you will need to pay Gas when adding liquidity and confirming transactions in your wallet. You will transfer your tokens to the exchange so it can use them for trading.

Uniswap will offer to add UNI-V2 token to your wallet so you can track your LPs.

Now, you can also see your position on the bottom of the page.

It will take up to 20 minutes for the system to update your position and you will be able to see it on the official farming page.

Here is a brief guide on adding liquidity to our pool:

There is also a simple guide on how to provide liquidity on Uniswap:

If you don’t have $SIDUS, you can get some on Uniswap. Start here:

Pick the number of $SIDUS you want to buy. You will see the price in ETH. Press “Confirm” once you are happy with the transaction.

You will be asked to confirm the swap.

Confirm the transaction on your wallet.

After a brief processing time, the transaction will be submitted.

Now check your MetaMask wallet. If you do not see any $SIDUS, you will need to add tokens to your wallet manually. Use the $SIDUS contract address to add your balance to your wallet. The address is 0x549020a9Cb845220D66d3E9c6D9F9eF61C981102.

You can also buy $SIDUS on a CEX. We recently listed the token on KuCoin:

You will need to register on the exchange and get your CEX wallet. When you buy something on a CEX you will receive tokens on the exchange wallet, so remember that you will need to transfer your $SIDUS from the exchange wallet to your MetaMask wallet.

What is WETH?

WETH is wrapped Ethereum. It’s used when you want to use ETH in ERC-20 compliant decentralized applications (DApps), or on blockchains and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). ETH is also converted to WETH if you want to use it in conjunction with other tokens.

Uniswap will wrap your ETH for you.

Step 3 — Check your MetaMask wallet

Now open your MetaMask wallet. Do you see new tokens called UNI-V2? Uniswap distributes these for providing liquidity. They are the very LP tokens which you are already using to farm extra $SIDUS.

Step 4 — Enjoy!

That's it! Note that the system will need 10 to 20 minutes to update information on the page before you will be able to see your farming stats.

Farming status — Active

Your liquidity — the volume of your assets in the liquidity pool

Expected profit in 30 days — your expected 30-day profit based on your current pool share

Pending profit — your current accrued profit since the last harvest

The $1,000,000 reward pool will be distributed over 2 years. For every block, approximately 88,94 in $SIDUS tokens is accrued to farming pool participants depending on their share of the pool. The size of the reward per block never changes, but the shares change depending on the number of participants and their shares in the pool. That is why the $SIDUS farming APR is dynamic and constantly changes every time someone adds or withdraws liquidity. When all the rewards from the reward pool are distributed, farming will be closed.

Don't forget that we use Shadow Technology where your LP tokens are stored in your wallet and you can freely dispose of them when you want. This means you can withdraw them from the wallet or add more tokens to the wallet. We will recalculate your reward and you will see the changes on this page.

How do I get the Reward?

You see that darkened ‘Harvest’ button on the same page? It becomes active every 30 days at the start of the farming feature launch. When you see that the button is active, click on it, and the reward will go to your wallet!

Every time you harvest your rewards, the button will become inactive for another 30 days. Remember that you will need to pay a fee every time you claim your reward!

Genesis NFT Holders Bonus!

Friends, if you are a happy owner of a Genesis NFT, then we have a special bonus for you! The NFT rarity determines the opportunities available to their holders.

Check out the NFT Holder bonus. One Common Genesis NFT gets you +3% to your LP balance. An Epic NFT brings you 10%, and a Legendary — 50%!


  • Your total liquidity is $1,000.

  • You have 1 Legendary (+50%) and 2 Epic NFTs (+(10%+10% = 20%)).

  • Your total liquidity increased by 70% to $1,700.

That means when counting your profit, we will count the LP balance + bonus shares!

The numbers are subject to change.

To become a Genesis holder you can purchase an original NFT from the SIDUS NFT HEROES collection:[stringTraits][0][name]=Sign&search[stringTraits][0][values][0]=S256

To pick the Hero of the desired rarity you will need to pick the respective sign in the right toolbar.

S0 — Common

S1 — Epic

S256 — Legendary

You will need to lock the card for two years to receive an in-game character. The great thing about these cards is that you can produce a new Hero every year!

You can lock your NFT card here:

You can purchase a Genesis card here:

Both variants will get you a farming bonus!

Let’s Get Started!

Now you're farming $SIDUS. You can stop at any moment and have no obligation to us. Farming is perhaps one of the easiest and most convenient ways to dispose of your assets. Dear friends, use the services we provide to you, because the value of the tokens you hold depends on your activity. We give you opportunities, so take them! That’s how we all succeed together!

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