Ver. 0.2.3

It all begins with small things. A few months ago we started building our first modules. Yet here we are with a whole new ecosystem and the first Apartments and personal spaces right around the corner. Just as with the Toadwing Eggs, which have already become a useful asset and will add even more utilities with every new update, the Seeds will become extremely valuable, and important in the future for growing plants.

Today it’s just your reward in a new event, but tomorrow it’s a real game changer that can bring you epic success! These exclusive items are the source of unique trees that you can plant in your Apartments, each with its unique fruit and boost. Seed Hunting is your only chance to get them — we are not issuing them ever again in the game!

The Hyperprism has become stronger, but the reward has increased too! If you’ve mistaken Hyperprism for a simple battle, get ready — Hyperprism has evolved!!

The new Guilds Rating will help you understand which gang is currently ruling the metaverse and who is falling behind and eating dust! It’s all getting very serious!

Seed Hunting Event!

September 16th — October 18th

The Seed Hunting begins! 20 kinds of seeds within the event, each will sprout a unique tree, bearing fruits that you can not find anywhere else in the entire universe. Every fruit has unique properties in-game boosts!

Get a random seed for every 25 wins in a 3v3 (ONLY!) fight, plant it in pots in your apartment, and grow fruitful trees! You have a chance for absolutely any seed!

Seeds have 3 rarity types: Common, Epic, Legendary, the trees grown from them will have the respective rarity. Rarity determines how many fruit will grow and of which quality. All fruits are consumables that are used by Heroes and Replicants to boost various stats.

Seeds are unique items that can only be obtained during the event, and will never be issued anywhere in the game! Though with the discovery of other planets, we might discover some new flora as well!

If you see some unfamiliar terms, it’s ok; you didn’t miss anything! All changes will be introduced in the next updates, and you will get to know them soon!

Hyperprism Defeat Reward Increased

Losing to Hyperprism is never cool, but now each match is worth the candle! We have increased the rewards for defeating this Boss! Those who destroy the Hyperprism will receive a significant amount of composite materials.

Please note that winning in a team of 3 awards the largest number of resources! The larger the loot, the bigger the stakes! The amount of HP will be increased depending on the size of the team.

Guilds Rating

Guilds, are you ready to show your investment power? The game has been supplemented with a new rating system for guilds based on their amount of investments!

The more Investment Points the Guild members have, the higher they crawl up the ratings, bringing their Guild Masters precious Gems on a daily basis!

But are rewards really that important when you can show the whole metaverse your overwhelming power? Ahead are more ratings for both Guilds and individual players, because everyone deserves their minute of fame!

Ban for Inactivity

It's getting a little harder to cheat in the game! We are moving forward in the fight against match-fixing and our next step is to ban inactivity!

Players who lost due to inactivity are now temporarily unable to search for a new game. The ban time grows with each inactive battle and resets back to 15 minutes after the third penalty.

This game is about battles, not waiting! So get to it!

Price Filter in Marketplace

As more and more products appear on the marketplace, it’s getting complicated to navigate through the variety. We are trying to make the platform as user-friendly as possible and to do this, we’re adding a new price filter!

The filter is located in the Price(USD) column and you can now easily filter to the best deals on the Marketplace. Position the prices in ascending or descending order — whichever makes your search convenient! The Marketplace interface will be constantly upgraded as more items appear.

Interaction as the Basis of the Metaverse Economy

With each new update and the appearance of new items, the game becomes more and more complex, but the key to understanding is in interaction. The social component was our original goal, but having few users control such large amounts of resources is untenable. Different assets are scattered around the game, but they can only work when combined with other assets. To grow Seeds you need Apartments. To work in Apartments you need Replicants. To make Replicants you need Reproduction Capsules. To succeed in the game, you need to learn how to cooperate and coordinate your trade interactions. We will be adding more and more tools to help you achieve this, but in the meantime, stock up on what you can — it will be a huge advantage!

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