Sidus Bridge

Sidus Bridge is a service that enables users to transfer SIDUS and SENATE tokens seamlessly between different networks. It currently supports three blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Linea.

Users can access Sidus Bridge through three entry points:

1. By clicking the "Bridge tokens" button on Sidus Hub.

  1. Via menu on our website.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Connect your MetaMask to access this functionality (skip if you access via Sidus Hub). To interact with Sidus Bridge on mobile devices, you will need the mobile version of MetaMask.

2. Use the SIDUS/SENATE selector to choose a token for the bridge.

3. You can swap networks for SIDUS and SENATE separately, using the SIDUS/SENATE selector.

4. Click on the drop-down list to change the "From" or "To" networks.

Permissible network switches:

  • Ethereum → Binance

  • Binance → Ethereum

  • Ethereum → Linea

  • Linea → Ethereum

  • Binance → Linea

  • Linea → Binance

5. When selecting a network from the drop-down list, MetaMask will prompt for confirmation of the network switch.

6. Estimated Gas Price indicates the expected fee for the transaction. The Gas field changes to reflect the gas associated with the selected "From" network.

7. The Swap button switches round the "From" network and the "To" network. After clicking, users receive a MetaMask confirmation prompt for the network switch.

8. Transaction Approval

  • Enter the token amount in the “From” line.

  • The amount you'll receive on the destination network will be displayed in the "To" line.

  • Click on "Approve Transaction" to initiate the transaction process.

  • MetaMask will request further confirmations.

  • Once all confirmations are completed, the button text changes to "Bridge Token", indicating that the next click will start the network switching process.

  • Confirm to begin the bridging process.

  • Successful completion triggers a notification of a successful transaction.

  • If the process is canceled/not initiated, a message acknowledging the canceled transaction appears inside the window.

10. Click on "OK” to return to the main window.

After completion, the transaction details are available in the Transaction History tab, along with details about other transactions.

Enjoy bridging your SIDUS and SENATE tokens across three different networks without any limits!

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