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New Shards & Rarity System! Introducing XHR HADES!

Hey, Heroes! We’ve got a big update for you! We decided to revise the shards system and add rarity to all robots to make the game more interesting and varied. We are also adding the ability to assemble robots from parts, some of which will be limited in number, making the resulting robots incredibly rare. One of these will be the brand new XHR HADES, which many of you know as the Necromancer. Study the update so you don’t get lost in the news!

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Shards System Changes - Introducing Parts (Details)

Now all robots in the game will have three rarities: common, rare, and legendary. The higher rarity a robot, the more difficult it is to get, but the more valuable it is to own. The rarity of a robot determines the kind of shards that players receive in battle when playing with this robot. A common robot yields common shards, a rare — rare shards, and a legendary — legendary shards.

We are also introducing a new entity — parts of robots. Now, to get a robot, you need to collect a certain number of parts for that robot.

Common robot

750 parts

Can be purchased from the in-game store when certain conditions are met

Rare robot

1000 parts

Can be obtained through regular tournaments dedicated to the robot

Legendary robot

1500 parts

Can only be obtained through special events

Parts are unique to each robot and will not unlock any other robot. Shards are universal and are used to upgrade robots and ability cards.

In the future, parts will be available for trading on the game marketplace, which will allow you to sell unneeded parts or buy missing ones.

Robot Upgrade

Upgrades for robots now consist of three stages:

Lvl 1-30 → upgrade with common shards

Lvl 31-45 → upgrade with both common and rare shards required

Lvl 46-60 → upgrade with common, rare, and legendary shards

Ability card upgrades are also carried out with shards: when upgrading to a rare card, you will need rare shards; for a legendary card — legendary shards. Ability card upgrades still require GCELL.

In order for all players to be able to upgrade their robots and abilities, we’re introducing a Forge, where players can increase or decrease the rarity of their shards. GCELL is required to increase rarity.

Shards recalculated!

All shards for XLR GOTH, XMR ADAM, and XHR ARES have been replaced with common shards at a 1:1 ratio

All shards for the XNR have been replaced with XHR HADES robot parts. Extra parts have also been added, so now you will have many more of those! All universal shards have been replaced with legendary shards.

XHR HADES Tournaments Rewards Increased!

XHR HADES (formerly known as XNR) tournaments will be live through May 31, 2023. As part of these tournaments, you will be able to get the XHR HADES parts required to unlock the robot. All XNR shards you’ve obtained before have been converted into XHR HADES parts. The number of details have been recounted to balance the tournament participants before and after the changes. We’ve also added some extra XHR HADES parts! “Why?” you ask?

We are constantly developing the tournament system to make it more attractive for players. For this update we significantly increased the rewards for the Top-100 places in each XHR HADES tournament. However, the total number of parts for the XHR HADES is finite, which dramatically increases both their value and the value of the robot. If you have the robot assembled, keep fighting for more parts! In the future, you will be able to sell them on the marketplace, and given their limited number, they could sell for a high price!

New XHR HADES Tournament Rewards

Rank 1 — 330 XHR HADES parts

Rank 2-5 — 210 XHR HADES parts

Rank 6-10 — 115 XHR HADES parts

Rank 11-100 — 45 XHR HADES parts


Unlocking the Rare XHR HADES robot requires 1000 XHR HADES parts, which can only be obtained from XHR HADES tournaments. The total number of parts will allow for the creation of just 500 robots! There will never be any additional emission and the number of these robots will remain 500 forever!

In the future, you will be able to trade XHR HADES parts on the marketplace. This will allow you to purchase the missing parts from other players, or sell your surplus, as their value will only grow with time!

Like all heavy robots, XHR HADES is relatively slow. However, its gameplay is quite dynamic. XHR HADES is a veritable juggernaut in a fight, though to unleash its full potential, you will need to quickly navigate the battle and think tactically.

‘EMP’ Ability

After the death of an XHR HADES cohort a temporary debuff is put on the victorious cohort. If the debuff is applied again before the debuff expires, the time remaining will increase, while the strength of the debuff does not change, it only changes with the rarity. Upgrading the ability will also only increase the duration of the debuff.

When upgrading the rarity of the EMP ability card, the number of characteristics on which the debuff is applied increases. At legendary rarity, the ability is fully realized. The defeated XHR HADES cohort gets a chance to hack the enemy cohort. The hacked cohort changes direction and moves to where the XHR HADES cohort was directed before its defeat. The chance of a hack triggering depends on the ratio between the XHR HADES cohort and that of the opponent’s.

‘Eternal Duty' Ability

After defeating an enemy XHR HADES, a player restores a random number of its robots from 1 to the maximum allowed by the ability. The ability level determines the trigger chance. The rarity determines the % of defeated robots that can be restored. A legendary rarity has a fixed chance for additional recovery of some of the enemy’s defeated robots. The minimum XHR HADES can restore is 1 robot from the enemy cohort. The maximum is all robots killed from the defeated cohort.

Damage Caused by the Storm in Tournaments

We noticed that some of you are avoiding open combat and heading into the storm to prevent the enemy from dealing extra damage. Smart! But now, all damage dealt to a player's units by the storm will be equally divided amongst other remaining players. The damage caused by the closing of a tower will be divided in the same way.

For example, if there are 2 players left in the battle and they both decide to escape in the storm, the damage dealt by the storm to Player 1 will be counted towards Player 2, and vice versa.

New Storm Visual Effect

The Rising Storm VFX has been updated to reflect its crushing power on the battlefield.

Fight for Robots Now, They will Fight for You Later!

Tournaments can be stressful as only the best and most motivated players compete. However, we suggest you break into the fight as soon as possible for the chance to win one of the rarest robots in the entire game. There will not be another chance, and you still have time! Build your robot and it will become a worthy machine when the time comes for even more severe battles!

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