The Bank is the Nidum Station’s major financial institution and supports the infrastructure of the universe. Rumor has it that a significant portion of the Bank's systems are powered by fragments of the Forerunner's Computing Module, which is connected directly to the life support systems. The Bank’s security systems have never allowed a single theft cyber threat.

SIDUS Bank 2.0 enables all users to withdraw SIDUS tokens from Nidum Central Station, outside our metaverse.

Bank 2.0’s operations adhere to a ‘user relationship’ model, whereby some users provide services and others reward them for it. The module currently serves as a platform for token withdrawals; the Sidus team acts as a guarantor of the transaction’s security, while other users holding Bank Teller Licenses execute the transactions on the Bank module side. More mechanics affecting users’ interactions are planned for the future!

Key Features

  1. Any user can view orders from license owners' workers and send their Withdrawal requests.

  2. Bank Teller License holders have the flexibility to withdraw tokens for themselves or accept Withdrawal requests (for an additional fee) from other users.

  3. Tellers can set rules for their workers, including the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.

  4. The operation fee comprises: a Bank Fee (2%, divided into 3 parts per each transaction: 50% to bank co-owners, 25% to the company fund and 25% to be burned); and the minimum Teller's reward for the transaction (which is 3%). The Teller has the option to set a higher value. The minimum cumulative reward is 5%.

  5. The entry threshold for Bank Teller License owners is lowered. The license can be assigned to an Academy/Genesis Hero of any rarity, making any Hero eligible to become a main Hero inside the Bank module.

  6. The rarity of a Hero affects the base withdrawal speed*: Common = $10/hour; Epic = $20/hour; Legendary = $30/hour.

*All Base Withdrawal Speeds will remain unchanged until the voting system is launched. Users will have the opportunity to vote on future terms, including Withdrawal Speeds, Total Bank Limits, etc. The Bank will continue to operate in this manner until the license progression version is released, enabling Tellers to increase their throughput by being active.

License Types

License TypeDescription

Bank Teller License

The Bank Teller License allows players to withdraw funds from the metaverse directly to user wallets in Layer 1. Bank Teller Licenses are rare and are only emitted once per year in special metaverse events like Staking. According to the results of the first emission, 86 licenses were distributed to 82 users.

The Bank Teller License is assigned to a Main Hero and can be removed if a minimum of 30 days has passed since the license was initially acquired and the player does not have any ongoing operations or transactions within the Bank.

Bank License

Top contributors of the Bank Module will be awarded special Bank Licenses that will enable owners to open Bank Module branches on other planets.

A total of 30 licenses (6 Legendary, 9 Epic and 15 Common) will be distributed. No more will be issued in the next 3 years.

Bank License Types:

  • A Legendary License allows you to operate on 3 planets.

  • An Epic License allows you to operate on 2 planets.

  • A Common License allows you to operate on 1 planet.

Construction History

The construction of this module began on 27.07.2022 and ended on 23.03.2023.

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