Robots and Parts

Robots are the main combat units of Xenna. You can increase a robot's level through its menu, which you can access by clicking on it and selecting 'Upgrade' at the bottom of the screen.

Robot upgrades consist of three tiers:

  • Level 1-30: Upgrades made with Common shards

  • Level 31-45: Upgrades made with Common and Rare shards

  • Level 46-60: Upgrades made with Common, Rare and Legendary shards


Every robot in the game belongs to one of three rarities: Common, Rare and Legendary. The higher the rarity of the robot, the more challenging it is to obtain and thus, more valuable to its owner.

A robot’s rarity determines the type of shards it yields for the player when the match concludes. Common robots collect Common shards, Rare ones collect Rare shards, while Legendary robots collect Legendary shards.


To obtain a robot, you need to collect the requisite number of parts for that particular robot. Parts are unique to each robot and cannot be used to create a different one.

Shards are universal and are used to upgrade robots and ability cards. In the future, parts will be tradable in the in-game Marketplace, allowing you to sell surplus parts or buy missing ones.

Robot Statistics


X.L.R. (Xenna Light Robots)

X.L.R. Goth

X.M.R (Xenna Medium Robots)

X.M.R Adam

X.H.R. (Xenna Heavy Robots)

X.H.R. Ares

X.H.R. Hades

Upcoming Robots

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