The Organizations module enables Boss players to rent out fully equipped teams of Heroes to players who don’t have NFT Heroes with both sides earning battle rewards.

Join an Organization

Joining an organization is handled through an interview system: the Candidate submits an application to the organization they like (maximum 10 per day), the Boss contacts the Candidate through a special chat and conducts an interview. Depending on how that goes, the Boss can either send them an invitation to join or decline the application. The Candidate then decides whether or not to accept the invitation. To approve the application, the Employee must pay 1 $SIDUS.

Inside an organization, Employees can communicate with each other in an intra-organizational chat, rent a team for a specified duration and go immediately into battle, without ever leaving the module. The minimum rental time for Teams is now 2 hours, providing greater flexibility and more efficient use of resources.


When an Employee receives a reward, it is duplicated for both: the Boss and the Employee. There are several sources for items in the game, some are shared and some are not.


  • Resources

  • Daily Win bonuses

  • Events

Only for the Boss:

  • Stimulators

  • Polygons

Not shared:

  • Community Boxes for extra activities outside the game

  • Items purchased in the Store

  • Items purchased in the Marketplace

  • Items received as a reward for contributions (e.g. Staking module)

  • Any items obtained from activities outside the game

The Boss and Employee in 3v3 battles - within 15 battles - begin to receive new resources that will be needed in future. The Employee and the Boss receive different resources, all which correspond to the rarity of the resources received in battle.


  • Common — 100 Contribution Points

  • Epic — 1,000 Contribution Points

  • Legendary — 10,000 Contribution Points


  • Common — 30 Contribution Points

  • Epic — 300 Contribution Points

  • Legendary — 3,000 Contribution Points

The more Heroes on the team with the same rarity, the greater the chance of getting some Quartz:

  • Academy Collection (1 Hero - 3% , 2 Heroes - 9%, 3 Heroes - 27%)

  • Genesis Collection (1 Hero - 5% , 2 Heroes - 15%, 3 Heroes - 45%)

All resources can be used for Module Contributions. Resources are obtained in battles (15 battles).

Create an Organization

Become the Boss of an organization and gather workers (Employees) under your wing! The maximum number of Employees is 300 people for the highest level organization. Renting out teams of 3 Heroes to Employees is free, but limited in daily duration. The rental time increases as the level of the organization progresses. Heroes are upgraded according to their combat actions, as normal.

For new teams created by a Boss within an Organization, we've introduced a 96-hour cooldown period.

Here's what can be done with a team during this cooldown period:

  • Employees can hire the team.

  • Bosses can cancel the rental.

  • Employees and Bosses can modify the team’s characteristics.

  • Bosses can change the team’s equipment.

  • Employees can engage in battles.

  • Employees can contribute to the module.

Here's what cannot be done with a team during this cooldown period:

  • The team cannot be disbanded.

  • The team’s heroes cannot be changed.

Once the cooldown period expires, all restrictions are lifted.

To create an Organization, you will need:

  • At least 6 Heroes and one Legendary Hero with a Company Access License

  • To pay $1,500 in SENATE tokens

  • Monthly Membership Fee: $10 in SENATE for the first 3 months (up to and incl. April 30 2024). After this period, the fee will be adjusted.

A team must have exactly 3 Heroes. When choosing Heroes for the organization, the Boss must leave at least 3 Heroes that they themselves can play. All equipping of Heroes is done in advance by the Boss and only the Boss of the organization can change equipment. Employees can customize the characteristics of the Heroes.

There’s a daily limit on victories per team within an Organization, set at 90 wins. The overall victory limit for the Organization remains unchanged at 300.

Achieving all 300 victories with a single team is not possible anymore. You'll need at least four different teams to reach the Organization's full limit.

Organizations require monthly contributions in $SENATE. If the Boss does not pay the fee, the organization will be suspended, however, Heroes may be withdrawn, statistics viewed and payments made.

Each organization has its own separate balance sheet and resource warehouse. Organizations need funds on their balance to pay contributions for the maintenance of the organization. The Boss replenishes it from their account. In future, it will be possible to transfer funds to the balance of other organizations, assign rewards to Employees, make purchases and more. All resources mined by Employees go to the warehouse. The Boss can display them in their Inventory.

Main Hero

You can have several Heroes with licenses, but you as a player can only fulfill one type of role at a time.

Main Hero Prerequisites:

  • A Hero must be assigned to work in the module

  • A player can only have one Main Hero at a time

  • A player can only assume one role at a time

  • Be selected in the corresponding module

  • Can participate in battles with no restrictions

If you want to create an organization, you need to have a Hero with a Company Access License — once established, the “Create Organization” button becomes available in the Organization Module. To start renting out a team, you will need to choose which Hero is the Main Hero. After this, you cannot play any other roles, even if they have a license.

Please note — licenses do not work without a Hero so you will need to assign it to one of your warriors. Once assigned, you will not be able to extract the license from the chosen Hero.

Construction History

The construction of this module began on 10.06.2022 and ended on 13.12.2023.

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