SIDUS Bank 2.0 Guide

The Bank version 2.0 enables users to withdraw their SIDUS tokens to external wallets. Here are the most common scenarios for users with and without Bank Teller Licenses.

How to Become a Teller

To become a Teller, you need to fulfill three conditions:

  • Own a Hero from the Academy or Genesis collection.

  • Possess a Legendary Replicant.

  • Acquire a Bank Teller License.

More about Heroes and Replicants.

You can buy a Hero card from the Marketplace module. Replicants can be obtained by replicating an Academy/Genesis Hero in the Reproduction Facility (using Reproduction Capsules) or can be bought from the Marketplace.

The Bank Teller License is the primary and most challenging condition, since the quantity of licenses is limited. There are two ways to obtain one:

  • Wait for a new issuance (the previous was for Staking 4.0).

  • Purchase it from other users via the Marketplace.

After obtaining a license, assign it to your Academy/Genesis Hero. Once confirmed, you can appoint this Hero to the role of Teller in the Bank module.

Steps to Becoming a Teller:

  1. Open the Bank in the Modules section.

  2. Click on the “Become a Teller” button in the bottom right corner.

  1. The appointment screen will appear.

  1. Click on "+" and select the Hero.

If you don't have a license or haven't assigned at least one Hero to it, you will see a message stating the absence of a Hero with a Bank Teller License.

If the conditions are met, you can choose from among any of the Heroes with an assigned Bank Teller License.

After choosing a Hero, go through the double confirmation before becoming a Teller. Congratulations! Now you can manage workers and provide services!

Token Withdrawal Without a License

Go to the Bank main page - Withdraw.

In this section, you will see all available Tellers. For a Teller to appear in this list, they would have needed to send a Legendary Replicant to work. There are two main statuses displayed here:

  • Busy: Indicates that the Teller is occupied with an operation and cannot accept your request.

  • Withdrawal: Indicates that the Teller is available and can accept your request.

Pay attention to the parameters set by the Teller:

  • USD per hour: The throughput per order determining the speed in which an order is executed, once accepted.

  • Operation Fee: The percentage you will pay out of the Withdrawal amount as a reward.

  • Withdrawal Limit: The minimum and maximum token limits for a request. An infinity symbol for the maximum limit means there is no upper limit. The minimum limit cannot be lower than $20 as the operation would not be profitable, due to the Ethereum Mainnet gas fees.

There are two features to help you choose a Teller:

  • Online indicator (green circle is around the avatar): Shows whether the user is online or offline, depending on their activity in the last 5 minutes (this may change).

  • Click on the nickname to open the user's profile: You can find their Bio and links to their social networks for contacting the Teller outside the metaverse.

Submitting Withdrawal Requests

When you click on the ‘Withdrawal’ button, an interface appears for you to input the request details.

To enter the required Withdrawal amount, click on the green plus ‘+’ sign and a window will appear:

  • If you have insufficient tokens for the minimum limit, the input field will be red and you won't be able to proceed any further.

  • If your balance is greater than or equal to the minimum limit, the minimum amount will be automatically set in the input field. You can increase this amount but you cannot exceed the maximum order limit or the value of your balance.

After meeting the limit conditions, click on ‘Confirm’ and you will be returned to the request input screen.

Now you will see all the request information you entered. At this point, you can:

  • Change the Withdrawal amount by clicking on the green plus sign again.

  • Send a request to the Teller by clicking on the ‘Offer’ button.

When you click on ‘Offer’, a confirmation screen will appear.

After confirmation, the Withdrawal amount will be deducted from your in-game balance and sent to an escrow account:

  • If the Teller accepts your request, the operation is executed Then you can claim the amount, minus the reward value (operation fee).

  • If you decide to Cancel the request or the Teller rejects it, the full amount will be returned to your balance.

Escrow account: The tokens deducted from your balance do not transfer to the Teller; for all users’ protection, they are transferred to a special account in our system that acts as a guarantor for distributing your tokens, based on the transaction results.

Upon confirming the request submission, a chat interface will open, allowing you to:

  • Either wait for a response or close the window.

  • View basic information about the request.

  • Communicate through a chat window (the chat is only available after submitting a request but before its acceptance/rejection).

  • Cancel the request.

Using the ’Back’ button (the arrow in the top left corner) or the ‘Wait’ button, you will return to the main Bank section, where a ‘Waiting’ status will be displayed at the top of the list, next to the Teller to whom you sent your request. From here, there are three possible scenarios:

  1. You decide to cancel the request: The full amount will immediately be returned to you from the escrow account.

  2. The Teller rejects the request or the response time expires, causing an automatic rejection: The status of such a request will be displayed in the Claim Hub of the Bank module and next to it, there will be a ‘Claim Rejected’ button. If you click on this button, your tokens will be returned from the escrow account.

  3. The Teller accepts the request: In the Withdraw section for this Teller, you and other users will see a ‘Busy’ status You’ll also see the transaction in your Claim Hub section, its status will be ‘Processing’.

Claim Hub - Tracking Statuses

You can only submit one request to the same Teller. However, you can send requests to other Tellers if they are available and if you have enough tokens on your balance.

When a request’s status is ‘Processing’, you only need to wait for the operation timer to complete. After the timer ends, the request status will change to ‘Claim’.

It's not possible to interrupt or make changes to an operation once it has started. The only option is to wait for the operation to finish and claim the tokens to your MetaMask wallet.

In the Claim Hub section, you can track the status of all your requests. Requests are displayed after changing from the Waiting status in the Withdraw section.

For your convenience, the most recent requests are displayed at the top, then they are sub-organized automatically into a descending status order as follows:

  • Claim: Available for claiming to an external wallet.

  • Processing: The request is in progress, wait for its completion.

  • Claim Rejected: The Teller has rejected the request, click on it to have your tokens returned.

  • Claimed: The request is complete, you have withdrawn your tokens to an external wallet.

  • Rejected: The request is canceled and the tokens have already been returned.

Additionally, you may view some statistics in the top panel:

  • Tokens Withdrawn: Total amount of tokens having a ‘Claim’ status.

  • Token Operation Fees: Amount of tokens included in Tokens Withdrawn that you’ve spent on rewards for operations.

  • Tokens Claimed: Number of tokens you’ve already withdrawn to an external wallet.

In the bottom left corner, there is a counter showing the number of requests currently in the ‘Claim’ state, indicating their completion.

Notice the ‘Claim All’ button. It becomes active when at least one request has a ‘Claim’ status. You can withdraw all of the Claim amounts showing the ‘Claim’ status in one go, if you use this button. This is a beneficial option as you need only pay the network fee of one transaction.

However, you can also use the individual ‘Claim’ buttons next to each request if you prefer to only withdraw the Claim amounts of specific requests.

Claim Process

After clicking on the ‘Claim’ or ‘Claim All’ button, an info screen will open showing the Claim amount and the current gas price:

  • If the gas price is higher than 5% of the Claim amount, red text and a red ‘Claim’ button is used to notify you that this action is not advantageous.

  • If the gas price is below 5%, the text and button will be green.

When you click on the ‘Claim’ button, you’ll be asked to sign the transaction in MetaMask.

Note that to make a Claim, you need to pay gas on the Ethereum Mainnet in ETH. Ensure that you have a sufficient amount in your wallet to cover the fee.

Once signed, your transaction goes into the blockchain for processing and its status will now show as ‘Pending’.

If the network rejects the transaction or if you refuse to sign it, the Claim process will be canceled. You can try again or wait. In the Claim Hub section, the request’s status will remain as ‘Claim’ until you complete the withdrawal to an external wallet.

If the network successfully processes the transaction, you will see that your transaction is approved.

Clicking on ‘Continue’ will show you detailed information about the request or requests, from the start of the operation to withdraw to an external wallet.

Congratulations, you've done it!

Token Withdrawal as a Teller

You can withdraw tokens in two ways:

  • Via a request to another Teller.

  • Using your Replicant worker.

Learn more about Replicants in this article.

Sending a Replicant to work

To begin, you need to assign a worker – only a Legendary Replicant can be a worker. All operations go through the worker. To send them to work, click on the ’Assign Worker’ button in the Bank Withdraw/Requests section.

After clicking this button, the Worker Distribution screen will open. At the moment, you may only have one worker, but in the future there could be more.

On this screen, you can choose any worker on the right and set its operation parameters on the left.

  • Minimum and maximum limits: Users cannot send requests that fall below or above these limits. For convenience, these are set in dollars and then converted to token values, based on the rate and time.

  • Reward Percentage: The percentage users must pay upon the completion of an operation. The Operation Fee includes a 2% Bank module fee and your fee for the operation. You can only influence your fee but it cannot be below the system's set minimum. There is a button indicating the median value of the active Tellers; you can use it as a reference or click on it to alter this value.

"Assign to work" confirms your choice and sends the Replicant to work. Immediately after clicking this button, your worker will be displayed in the Withdraw section, where other users will see them in the list and be able to send them Withdrawal requests.

Withdrawal via a worker

After assigning your worker, you can perform two actions:

  1. Break – send them on a break. The worker won't be active and other users won’t be able to request Withdrawals until you re-assign the worker back to Teller duties.

  2. Withdrawal – this is the button you use to withdraw tokens.

  • The minimum amount is $20 and the speed depends on the worker. You pay 2% on the Withdrawal amount to the Bank.

  • Confirming the Withdrawal, your worker will handle the operation. All active requests from other users will be automatically rejected and to all other users, your worker will appear ‘Busy’.

  • The worker will display a Processing status and upon completion, you’ll be able to claim your tokens via the Claim Hub. The worker will be free again, so other users can send them their Withdrawal requests.

Withdrawal of Users’ Tokens

When you assign a worker to Teller duties and don't withdraw your tokens, your worker appears active and available. Other users can send their Withdrawal requests and all active incoming requests are displayed in the "Requests" section.

After receiving a request, you have some time to make a decision, typically 6 hours (this may change). During this time, you can:

  • Reject: Cancel the transaction.

  • Deal: Accept the transaction.

  • Chat: Communicate with the user, then either Deal or Reject the transaction.

For quick decision-making, you are shown: the user, the request amount, your share for the transaction and the operation time.

After choosing one of the requests and accepting it, all other requests will automatically be canceled and the ‘Processing’ status will appear:

  • During this time, the worker is busy, meaning you cannot send them on a break or withdraw tokens for yourself.

  • To all other users, your worker will show a ’Busy’ status.

  • After the timer expires, you’ll receive your reward for the transaction in your in-game balance and your worker becomes free again.

After each transaction, you may Claim your reward and the Withdrawal operation is recorded in the Teller History section.

Teller History is the section that lists the history of Withdrawals made for other users. For your convenience, there is also statistical information on all operations.

What will be improved?

We will soon release a notification system that will make it convenient for you to track all the status updates of your requests and your workers.

SIDUS Bank 2.0 will truly become a bridge between the metaverse and the external world. We hope you enjoy the new mechanics and take full advantage of them!

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