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Get Unique Oil Facility NFTs with FREE Access!

Xenna is rushing along its orbit at an incredible speed, and the most powerful storms are proof of this! Only the strongest gravitational fields keep the robots on the surface to continue helping the Xennians explore the planet. For this they need to start deploying oil facilities as soon as possible. That's why we couldn't wait any longer and launched the first massive game event in which you have a unique — and perhaps only — opportunity to get oil facility NFTs with FREE access to the game!


With the update, you will see information about the launch time of the event — January 25, 2023.

When participating in battles, the player receives an event rating in addition to the standard battle rating. Event rating is earned in the same way as the standard combat rating. At the start, the event rating of all players is zero. The goal is to gain 3,000 of event rating points. The first 100 players who reach that goal will receive a reward: a Common Facility NFT.

During the event a widget is available in the game lobby. It leads to the live results screen which contains:

  • intermediate results of the participants - List of players who have not yet reached the goal, sorted by the event rating;

  • list of winners - List of players who reached the goal, sorted by what time the goal was reached.

For your convenience you will also be able to see the counter for the remaining winning slots.

The event will last until all facilities are won. The NFTs will be distributed to their new owners through their Ethereum accounts.

Discovering Xenna — New Map!

Tired of wandering around 2 maps? Have you already built and tested an opening strategy for each starting point? It's time to cheer up and explore the brand new Solo Mode map!

We will continue to add new maps, each time trying to surpass the previous one in complexity. Brain boost guaranteed!

Don’t Step on a Trap!

Gravity traps are an effective way to save a captured tower, but in the heat of battle, you can confuse your own traps with those of others! We painted the traps the respective color of the robots, so now enemy tricks will be immediately visible and will not mislead you!

Network Connection Errors Fixed

There are only a few seconds left before an obvious victory, and the robots suddenly freeze ... know this feeling? You won't run into it again because we've fixed a number of network connectivity bugs so you can finish the game and take the victory! Enjoy!

New Sounds and Visuals

The metagame sounds have been updated to make your gaming experience more immersive. Now you will hear a response when you press the keys. This feature can also be disabled if you prefer to battle in silence.

We’re also continuing to improve the visuals. We have added a glow effect to available slots for robot abilities and updated the effects of all 4 tower types. The devil is in the details — we know it!

Bug Fix

We’re always trying to make the game perfect! In this update, we fixed a lot of bugs that affected the gameplay and will continue to regularly fix all the problems that we find. As always, we appreciate your help too! If you regularly encounter some kind of problem in the game, please let us know through our official socials!

Free Premium Account Termination

All Premium accounts distributed that are in excess of the 3-day Trophy Road Premium will be terminated. With the launch of personal accounts, you will be able to buy GOre, which can be used to pay for a premium account.

A Thank You to our Testers!

Privileged NFTs will become available very soon, providing players with exclusive access to tournaments and special events, as well as with an opportunity to earn money in the game. Free access will remain only as a gateway to the game. Right now, while we are actively testing the game, you have a unique chance to get perks that will soon be unavailable to players with free access! Thus, we want to give special recognition and thanks to those who dedicate a lot of time to the game, ensuring that we can test all the mechanics in the shortest time possible. This is your reward for your hard work, which you undoubtedly deserve!

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