Ver. 0.2.10

Make your Fights Dynamic with Energy Boost & Crit chance UPD!

Sidusians, as promised before, we’re continuing to work on the dynamics of your battles to make them even more exciting and brisk! With each update, the complexity of the battle increases, showcasing the coolest fighters out there, and we won't stop there! So hone your skills and your cat-like reflexes!!

Time to rock the party with Energy BOOST!

Remember when we gave you extra energy in round 7? We know you liked it! The battles have become more interesting and unpredictable. We've gone one step further and moved the energy round up to round 3! The amounts are unchanged: +3 Energy for action, +5 Energy for skip.

Feel free to use more abilities and weapon combos, play with tactics, and be creative!

Spectacular fights with Crit Chance UPD

Crit chance makes fights punchy and engaging, so we’re constantly tweaking this parameter. In this release, we've made more adjustments to the calculation of the Crit Chance. We are curious whether you can notice the difference!

Dodging definitely disabled

Heroes, we listened to your feedback about the combat system. This ability has received some controversy, and some of you think that it might be problematic for building a battle strategy. In this regard, we have decided to disable Dodge. We will take a closer look at the ability and how we can make it balanced with other abilities, items, and gadgets to keep the fight fair.


Dear players, we want to assure you once again that no problems in the world will prevent us from developing the game. We have a plan and we’re sticking to it! All your assets — in which you have invested your money and time - will not lose their value and will become more valuable through the efforts of our team. They’re tirelessly working every week to make SIDUS HEROES one step closer to global success! Have faith, and just have fun!

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