Ver. 0.1.6



Added rewards for every battle victory. System has limit of 10 wins per day.


Updated the Initiative system that influences the turn order in a battle

Heroes are now lined up according to their Initiative stats, from highest to lowest

Different races have different base Initiative values: Raptorian - 40, Ogya - 50, Voltrone - 60.


Hero’s Agility increases their base value Initiative by 3 for each Skill Point spent


The maximum number of HP has increased

The amount of HP given per Vitality Point has been changed for all races

Applying Ogya’s race-based Ability to their teammates increases the damage dealt by their teammates by 15 for each attack


Hero info now displays the Initiative

Pop-up windows were added showing information about a Hero’s Ability over the respective Ability icon in the main menu and on the battlefield

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