In addition to a number of political conflicts, the early years of NIDUM Central Station’s development were marked by a serious economic crisis associated with the uncontrolled growth of trade. After a series of debates and discussions, the SIDUS Trade Association was created through a joint effort by the leading races on the Station. Its mission was to create a single and stable economy and to regulate interplanetary financial relations.

The Store became the first branch of the Trade Association and it made a positive impact when it opened. After years of conflicts and trade wars, fixed prices and stable supplies secured by a military force for the entire Station seemed an impossible, albeit progressive goal. The doubt soon passed and the era of economic lawlessness ended with the opening of the Store, a fact that is now indisputable.

Store's stock

Players can buy different limited items like Dropboxes here. In order for more people to be able to buy it, each player can buy a limited number of dropboxes per day.

Drop boxes

Drop boxes contain all the Resources needed to construct a module, a Toolbox for building a Space Shuttle and an exclusive set of gadgets.

Common Dropbox

  • Volume: 50,000

Epic Dropbox

  • Volume: 10,000

Legendary Dropbox

  • Volume: 2,000

Reproduction Capsules

Reproduction capsules are the basis for the birth of a new race of workers - Replicants. These assets will be required by anyone who wants to create their army of Replicants to work in the SIDUS universe!

Common Reproduction Capsules

  • Volume: 1,800

Epic Reproduction Capsules

  • Volume: 600

Legendary Reproduction Capsules

  • Volume: 300

Gates Drop Boxes

Gates Drop Boxes increase the investment limit of $SIDUS in our most prominent SIDUS GATES module. You could get up to 10 drop boxes every day. The rarity of the drop box does not affect purchase availability, meaning you can buy 10 Legendary, or 5 Epic and 5 Legendary boxes.The price for the Drop boxes is seen in USD, but the purchase is made in $SIDUS, which means that the $SIDUS price changes dynamically.

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