Ver. 0.2.6

Basic Apartments & New Graphics. Daily Ratings Added. New Resource Drop!

Friends, well, tell us honestly, does this look like a browser game? We truly think it does not! It is simply impossible to achieve such quality graphics for every device and browser! Yet we succeeded, which you can already see right now in your new lobby! From now on, your game will start at your own apartment and with updated graphics!

This is not all that awaits you in the new update!

Start the game right! Introducing Basic Apartments & new graphics!

Fast and smooth animations, a wealth of detail, intuitive hints — all this is now part of the game experience before even entering a battle. We’re always making quality-of-life improvements and graphical upgrades because we know how important you all are, and we’re here to keep you happy!

Your main menu is now represented by your own Basic Apartment, where all your property and inventory is stored. If you want to use the familiar navigation buttons, activate it with the button on the bottom bar.

When you activate any button on the panel, the graphics will visualize your choice.

  • When the inventory is activated, the player is shown their current property.

  • When a collection is activated, an interface for managing Heroes of different collections is displayed.

Introducing Basic Apartments is only the first step towards the long-awaited apartments, which will soon be available for purchase. In the meantime, explore the new interface and let us know what you think about it!

New daily ratings - which is right for you?

As promised, we continue to add new ratings. There are a lot more coming! After all, each quest is an additional incentive for you to strive forward and receive well-deserved rewards!

To the existing constant ratings (Investor Rating, Max 3v3 Win Streak, $SENATE Deposit, $SIDUS Deposit), we’re adding a new one to the daily ratings randomizer! In total, we already have 6 ratings that drop randomly every day:

  • Voltrone Max DMG

  • Ogya Max DMG

  • Raptorian Max DMG

  • Common Max DMG

  • Epic Max DMG

  • Legendary Max DMG

The first 50 ranks in the rating category receive rewards in $SIDUS. Go! Fight for your place!

Be the first to get the new resource: Quartz!

New modules require new resources, which we continue to introduce into our economic model! Meet quartz, which will become available as part of your daily victory reward. Do not miss your chance to start earning quartz right now, because all resources tend to grow in value.

Quartz can be mined by everyone except scholars and has three rarities: Common, Epic, and Legendary. This can only be received by Heroes of the corresponding rarity. Quartz drops work like this: 1 Quartz of each rarity drops per Hero of equal rarity on the collecting team. This means that a team of 1 Common, 1 Epic, and 1 Legendary Hero have a chance to collect 3 quarts!

The resource drops are based on the Team Bonus rules. The chance of a certain quartz drop depends on the number of Heroes in the team of each rarity and their collection:

Academy Collection: 1 Hero — 3%, 2 Heroes — 9%, 3 Heroes — 27% Genesis Collection: 1 Hero — 5% , 2 Heroes — 15%, 3 Heroes — 45%

Time to get some food for your Toadwing! Tiru Fruit Hunt

We, just like you, are looking forward to hatching the first pets. Many of you have collected a large number of eggs, and are enjoying the existing benefits with fervor. But it's time to get ready to welcome a new pet into your family, and for this you will need the fruits of the Tiru tree. They will become the basis of food for eggs and future hatchlings!

Get unique Tiru fruits as part of your Daily 3v3 Victories. Yes, your Pioneer Medal extension wins count!

The drop chance for the Tiru fruit of different rarity depends on the team line-up. Common Hero teams only receive Common fruits, and it's the same with other Hero rarities.

Get ready to meet your first pet (or pets)!

Ally abilities icons

We understand that you only have 30 seconds and it's hard to read the race-based ability details during battle. Therefore, we decided to split the effects into 2 abilities. The allied effect now has a separate icon. If the target is an allied Hero, then the icon of the race-based ability changes to an allied one. Now it will be immediately clear who the ability is applied to.

Tune your battle with the combat system UPD!

Thank you for patiently waiting for the changes to the combat system. We are following your feedback and looking for the best solutions to make the fights more interesting. Block, Dodge, and Crit chance unfairly affected the balance. Now the chance of Block, Dodge and Crit chance is calculated differently, namely in greater accordance with the character’s stats.

Block, Dodge, and Crit chance trigger calculation fix

There was an imbalance in the way Block, Dodge, and Crit chances were calculated. Now, with corrections, consecutive triggering of these abilities decreases with lower talent stats.

Stats fix

  • Block

We slightly decreased the minimum Blocked Damage for each Defense point.

  • Crit chance

We untied the dependence of Crit chance on the Defense parameter in the Attack so that now all Heroes have a basic Crit Chance.

Time per turn

We reduced the turn time limit to make the game more engaging, but it turned out that many players — especially beginners — just can not make their move in such a short period! They simply do not have enough time to figure out what to do next. So we decided to go back to the old settings, and now you have 30 seconds per turn again. We will be cutting the overall time of battle through some other mechanics though!

Battle chat

Now players can communicate with their opponents in battle by sending them animated stickers. Stickers are available in a separate menu on the left side of the screen. Go have some fun!

On the way to the Apartments

We have a big event ahead of us — the apartment auction — that will add a much more expensive asset to the game. This will become another source of income for everyone who buys it.

Very soon you will see that apartments are not only a personal space where you can store your inventory and use it as a living facility. Apartments will receive a new status — a generator of resources — and therefore provide additional income. We will tell you more about this in our next AMA session, but for now, enjoy the beautiful interface, test it out, and let us know your feedback. After all, a new location is one of the steps towards creating a complex metaverse, which we are consistently building together with you!

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