Ver. 0.1.18

New Bank Module: Investment stage

  • Added Bank

  • The Bank module allows you to operate the flow of deposited and withdrawn tokens in the game. For the deposit and withdrawal of tokens, a 2% fee will be charged.

  • Leaders of the Bank Investor Ratings will be awarded special Banking Licenses, enabling banking processes to exist on other planets. Every planet is a separate game activity, such as Tower Defense, Shooter, Strategy… etc., within the SIDUS ecosystem, having achieved mass adoption. As the SIDUS metaverse scales up, the Bank, together with the limited licenses, will become core economic mechanisms. Within approximately one year, SIDUS HEROES will drastically expand, making it difficult to overestimate the value of these licenses.

License types

  • A Legendary License allows you to operate on 3 planets

  • An Epic License allows you to operate on 2 planets

  • A Common License allows you to operate on 1 planet

A total of 30 licenses (6 Legendary, 9 Epic and 15 Common) will be distributed and no more will be issued the next 3 years.

The Hyperprism feature is back

  • The Hyperprism BOSS appears in standard PvP fights again. More details on Hyperprism page


  • Updated the Module Investment page. You can now see a bright or a muted ‘+’ next to the resource you want to invest. If the ‘+’ is not active, it either means you have already invested the limit or you do not have enough resources.

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