Ver. 0.2.5

Ver.0.2.5 Patch Notes — New Daily Ratings!

$SIDUS are never superfluous, right? We feel you guys! The metaverse’s afterburners are propelling it through space and time like never before, so we figured that some extra rewards would come in handy. Besides, it seems like it’s high time to increase the degree of competition in the game. Warriors, we begin the grand addition of new ratings!

In this release, we are adding new ratings with rewards in $SIDUS. With every next update we’ll add new ratings, and $SIDUS will be replaced by the long-awaited Vesting Boxes!

We are taking this step so that everyone who stays with the project from the very beginning has a head start over everyone else. We’re seeking to put you in the most advantageous position. Enjoy, and thank you for playing SIDUS HEROES!

Daily Ratings with $SIDUS Reward

Let’s make daily quests more interesting! Now every day you can participate in new ratings and get a reward of $SIDUS tokens! These are temporary — in future updates daily ratings will be rewarded with Vesting Boxes! We are planning several types of Ratings - the random and permanent. For now , you’ll spot the first new permanent Rating:

  • Max 3v3 Win streak The maximum uninterrupted winning streak by a 3v3 team.

The daily ratings are collected within 24 hours. The Win Streak rating is reset at the same time. The launch of the current ratings will not affect the existing Gold and Silver tesseracts. Ratings can be earned in all battles.

New Ratings are fully targeted at the Battle Arena experts. It’s a unique way to display extraordinary skill and get rewarded for success in battles! Challenges can only be accomplished by defeating enemies using advanced strategies. The daily prize pool for each rating is 692,800 $SIDUS and the top 50 players get rewards*. The real game begins now!

*Rewards are subject to change.

Reproduction Facility Design UPD

The Reproduction Facility interface was completely reworked to be more user friendly. Now, it’s modern, sharp, and intuitive! The rarity of your newly arrived fellow Replicant will be displayed in the background. All interactions with the Reproduction Facility have also become much simpler.

Display of the Team Line-up that Hit the Silver Tesseract

The Silver Tesseract drop depends on which team receives it. From now on you will know these Heroes by faces, as the team will be displayed in the interface.

The Silver Tesseract plate will display the first letters of the team’s hero rarity: C for Common, E for Epic, and L for Legendary. They will also show how large the team was (ex: CLE, LE, or L). The sequence of the letters does not matter! There is a little hint for each team that you can see when hovering over the letters.

The drop chance for a Gear, a Wrench, or an Experience Card depends on the team line-up.

Due to this update, all currently listed Silver Tesseracts will be removed from the Marketplace to ensure players won’t accidentally buy or sell the wrong loot boxes at an unfair price.

Hyperprism Defeat & Drop UPD

Not everything is so simple with Hyperprism fights! Now, if the BOSS has awoken, it will not be enough for you to just defeat your opponent — you still have to fight with the Hyperprism, but it's worth it!

For defeating Hyperprism, both players receive resources with a 100% drop chance.

Hyperprism Rarity Bonus

As always a Rarity Bonus is added to the base reward with a probability depending on the size of the team and the collection rarity of heroes.

The Marketplace Expands and Evolves

Marketplace trade is in full swing, and we’re continuing to make it more convenient every day! This time we introduced the Price-Per-Unit parameter and added a new filter.

We also added the Price-Per-Unit option to the Sell window. Now, when listing your item, you can enter the total cost and the Price-Per-Unit will be calculated automatically and vice versa!

A new section has been added. Now, users can trade consumables, like Experience Cards, Wrenches, and more.

Team Bonus Prolonged until October 25

We hope you enjoyed the double loot in everyone’s favorite Team Bonus Event! Now we are getting back to the usual terms and conditions for the Team Bonus and prolonging it until October 25! You have a great chance to mine more resources for each Hero on your team! The drop depends on the Hero’s rarity and collection.

Drop depending on the rarity:

Common: Limestone, Slate, Copper Bar, Aluminum Ingot

Epic: Common loot + Smart Concrete, Red Granite, Steel Ingot, Silver Ingot

Legendary: Common and Epic loot + Marble, Malachite, Gold Bar, Platinum Ingot

Drop depending on the collection:

ACADEMY: 3% per 1 Hero, 9% per 2 Heroes, 27% per 3 Heroes.

GENESIS: 5% per 1 Hero, 15% per 2 Heroes, 45% per 3 Heroes.

If your Heroes are the same rarity, the chances are added up!

Rating Reward Boost Prolonged to October 31

We are extending the boosted rewards for daily ratings! Your rewards feature precious gems for the first 6 ranks!

CHAMP — Diamond, Emerald, Ruby

Rank 2 — Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire

Rank 3 — Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz

Rank 4 — Sapphire, Topaz, Amethyst

Rank 5 — Topaz, Amethyst

Rank 6 — Amethyst

Hope you love the event!

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