Ver. 0.1.21

Exclusive Reproduction Capsules available in Store

  • Added Reproduction Capsule to the Store Capsules are essential to produce Replicants after the Reproduction Facility is open! You will need to place your Hero in the capsule and wait a certain amount of days until the Replicant is born. Remember that you will not be able to use your Hero while they are in the capsule!

    In the Store you will find capsules of three rarities, each offering a different number of days needed to produce one Replicant.

All capsules can be sold in the Marketplace and you can only purchase one capsule per day!

Ogya and Raptorian base initiative increase

  • Changed initiative for two races.

Staking Total Reward UPD

Fixed the Total Reward display in the Staking module. Now you will see your reward not only for one year, but for the entire staking period.

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