Ver. 0.22.0

Tutorial Revision, Xenna Mail, and Bug Fixes!

I, the Voice of the Metaverse, have come to greet you again, Legendary War Heroes of Xenna! Behold, as I reveal your future once more! Xenna version 0.22.0 has been bestowed upon you and it has brought improvements to help your quest for victory!

#1. Tutorial Update and Revision

Sidusians, behold the main improvements to the tutorial:

  • Step sequence changed

  • New and improved texts

  • Improved visual for the hint pop-up bubbles

  • Revised Tutorial map.

The Tutorial is not the only section that changed with Patch 0.22.0. If your thirst for victory is as insatiable as you claim, read on!

#2. Xenna Mail (in-game mail delivery service)

The introduction of the Xenna Mail service aims to improve your interaction with the game by providing a convenient tool for receiving server news and updates. You, my faithful Warrior, can view these messages at any time and, if available, claim the associated rewards.


My Warrior, we still have time until you’ll be able to send messages as well. So, for the time being, the Mail service will only receive messages from the Xenna Team in two supported languages. As the ancient Earth-dwellers would call them, “English”, and “Russian.”


Messages are organized in the following order: “active” messages come first, followed by the messages with unclaimed rewards, and then the “read” messages. Within each of these categories, messages are additionally sorted by the date they were received.

The sorting corresponds to the moment the player enters this screen.

Message Types

My faithful Warrior, there are two types of messages for you:

1. Messages that contain a text only. Behold the screen below!

2. Messages that contain a text and a reward.

Reward Claim

Remember, Warrior, your path to victory will be lined with prizes! Each message may contain a reward item, and their number is not limited. If you are worthy of the reward, push “Claim” and behold a screen with the rewards you got. Once you claim the reward, you shall return to the Mail, to the message the rewards came in. You shall behold the reward, Hero, and the message will read “Claimed.” The “Claim” button will not be active any longer.

Message Deletion

The functionality of message deletion will be automatic. They will be gone 30 days after opening the message and claiming the reward.

Lobby Screen

You have to see it to believe it, right? So, for you, mighty Warrior, I added an envelope icon to the upper bar of the lobby screen. Through my divine will it shall also have a notification bell to warn you of unread messages.

#3. Bug Fixes

In this update, I, the mighty Voice of the Metaverse, focused on troubleshooting to ensure a more stable and reliable application experience for you. Here is what I brought:

  • Server changes

  • Fixes for battle-logging issues

  • Server updates

  • Technical updates to tournament battles

Improved gameplay will help you, my Hero!

Download version 0.22.0, quench thy thirst for fierce battles and prosperity!

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