The Central Marketplace is the product of a century of economic stagnation and is a financial phenomenon that is unparalleled in any known galaxy. This is a drastic measure that the Trade Association had to take after molecular synthesis of inorganic substances was invented, making the prices of Gold, Plutonium and Sand equal. All the available space currencies dropped in value to the level of manufactured materials and it was then that $SIDUS entered the trading arena.

This first legal intergalactic currency was pegged exclusively to information and it provided an opportunity to make purchases with $SIDUS and without any third-party mediation. The opening of the Central Marketplace was an incredibly controversial decision and the debate about its legitimacy and propriety is still ongoing. However, it set in motion a new wave of space trading that is tied to information, which continues to this day. The unregulated market found an absolutely incredible way to get along with the regulated market within the multi-dimensional space of the great NIDUM Station - the heart of trading in the vastness of space.


10% percent of each transaction made using this module is distributed as follows: 5% goes to the investors of the module, 2.5% goes to the development of the project, and 2.5% is burned.

Construction History

The construction of this module began on 27.04.2022 and ended on 24.07.2022.

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