Staking 5.0

Staking 5.0 allows you to lock your SIDUS tokens for 2 years and receive an additional 20% APR as a reward. The event started on December 28 2023 and will run until 11:00 UTC on January 29 2024. The annual percentage rate (APR) paid will be based on the amount of tokens staked.

In addition to the 20% APR, you will receive generous rewards for each deposit made:

  • A guaranteed Diamond Key (doubling the loot box rewards).

  • A 1% chance of receiving a Common NFT Space Shuttle Toolbox (including everything needed to build a Common Shuttle for interplanetary travel and a reward for its construction in SENATE tokens).

Staking Process

Users can have unlimited stakes with no restrictions on the total amount, number of deposits nor attempts to obtain a Common NFT Space Shuttle Toolbox, all while improving their position in the ratings. However, the price of each deposit increases incrementally over a 1 day period. The starting price is $20 in SIDUS tokens and the maximum is $100. The number of attempts will be reset to zero every day at 00:00 UTC for all users. The deposit price progression is as follows:





















When the deposit price reaches $100, all subsequent deposits will cost $100. Every new day (beginning at 00:00 UTC) starts with price number 1 and increases according to the progression.


  1. You make the first deposit of $20 at the exchange rate of 0.008 per SIDUS token. The deposit amount is 2,500 SIDUS ($20 / $0.008).

  2. You receive 1 Diamond Key; have a 1% chance of receiving a Common NFT Space Shuttle Toolbox; and gain 2,500 Points in the ratings (1SIDUS token = 1 Staking Point).

  3. The next deposit price for today is $25 or 3,125 SIDUS ($25 / $0.008).

  4. To make a deposit of $20 again, you must wait until 00:00 UTC, when the current number of deposits resets to 0 again.


  1. After making a deposit, the tokens are deducted from the gaming balance and remain locked in our system.

  2. It will be possible to unstake these tokens exactly 2 years after the date of deposit.

  3. At the end of the staking period, the Claim button will become active.

  4. Upon pressing the button, you will receive back the deposit amount + 40% in reward for 2 years staking.

Staking Ratings

The Top 72 event participants will receive Navigator Licenses, offering efficient interplanetary travel. With these licenses, your chosen Heroes can start their professional Navigator activities. License applications will be made available after the interplanetary travels are launched and will provide additional benefits in the Shipyard module. If you are lucky enough to have an NFT Space Shuttle Toolbox, we advise you to take advantage of this unique opportunity and secure your licenses before market demand becomes too high!

Stake SIDUS tokens to get on the Leaderboard; 1 Token = 1 Staking Point. The lower the SIDUS price against the US dollar, the higher the token amount at the deposit stage, providing more SP in the race for licenses. So, don't leave everything to the last day!

More about the licenses:

Reward Distribution

Hurry and compete for valuable rewards as the event will only last until January 29 2024!

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