Ver. 0.7.1

Epic HADES Base Tournament finals! +++ Xenna on Google Play Store!

Dear friends, we decided to take an ambitious approach to the new season and start it off with an amazing series of events that will be enjoyed by our old friends and all the newcomers! We expect a lot of the latter this summer, because we are about to launch Xenna in the world’s largest app stores!

Xenna on the Google Play Store!

📌 Our app is finally available for download on the Google Play Store! We thank you for your patience and are happy to introduce our game to you on the new platform. This opens up new opportunities for our community and we are confident that you will enjoy the game as much as we did while creating it.

HADES Base Tournament — Big Finals for a Legendary Event!

The HADES Base Tournament will last until May 31, 2023 inclusive. In Update 0.7.1, Challenge Tournament Tickets were added to the Tournament’s rewards, which are required to participate in the Challenge Tournament Event. Tickets are granted to the TOP-10 from the tournament, while anyone making it to the TOP-100 will receive parts for the XHR HADES!

Tournament Access

To participate in the Base Tournaments series, the player needs a Base Tournament Access Card, which can be obtained by reaching 275 rating or by purchasing it for 300 GOre. All those who have more than 275 rating points on the date of the update will automatically receive a Base Tournament Access Card!

Battle Update

Players will have 6 daily battle attempts in the Base Tournament Series.

3 FREE battles (updated for every new tournament)

3 PAID battles (available after using the free battle passes)

The PAID battles can be accessed in two different ways.

  • 1 Base Tournament Ticket

A one-time pass to a tournament battle. Tickets are unique for each type of tournament. If you have a Base Tournament Ticket, you won’t be able to use it in other tournaments. You can purchase these in the ticket purchase screen for a specific tournament.

  • An activated Base Tournament Pass

A subscription that does not require tickets to participate in the tournament. The Base Tournament Pass is purchased from the ticket purchase screen for the specific tournament. Passes are unique for each type of tournament. If you have a Base Tournament Pass, you won’t be able to use it in other tournaments.

Tournament Tickets and Tournament Pass are now available inside the tournament.

3 Base Tournament Tickets — 90 GOre

30 day Base Tournament Pass — 750 GOre

Tournament Rewards

The HADES Base Tournament TOP-100 reward is XHR HADES robot parts. The TOP-10 best players will receive a Challenge Tournament Ticket. Please note that GCELL and Shards will no longer be awarded for tournament battles. Climb new heights and challenge your rivals for these exclusive rewards.

Tournament UX/UI Updates

We are pleased to announce a number of significant improvements to the UX/UI of our tournament interfaces. These changes should make the tournament experience even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Starter Pack to Welcome Newcomers!

A new shop offer will help newbies progress faster in the game!

The offer contains:

  1. 30 days PREMIUM!

  2. 3 golden cards - Randomly selected - Set changes every day - General cards - Common Rarity

  3. Unlocks all locked XMR ADAM ability slots

This offer can be purchased once a day.

Grand Power Rebalance!

The growing Xenna ecosystem demands regular rebalancing to keep it fair and exciting. This is why this update includes a lot of changes which you should keep in mind while playing!

We increased the:

  • GCELL rewards per battle

  • the max cap for earning shards and replenishment

  • shard rewards per battle

We updated the:

  • number of shards required for conversion

  • GCELL required for card rarity upgrades

  • shards required for card rarity upgrades

  • shards required for robot upgrades

Check out the new cost of chests!




  • MASTER BOX — 2,100 GCELL

Card drop changed! From now on, the BASIC BOX, STANDARD BOX, and MASTER BOX only drop cards that players already have in their inventory. The Class Chest only drops class cards for their respective robot. Players now open new common cards on the Trophy Road. After getting a new card, it will start to drop out of chests. The player obtains new robot class cards from the Robot Class Chest (to unlock new robot abilities, you need to open the robot class chest. After getting those cards, they drop from chests).

Trophy Road contents have changed! Don’t forget!

It Couldn’t BE More PREMIUM!

News that will make you soar with delight! The bonus for our Premium Members is now doubled from 50% to 100%! This is not just an improvement, this is a turning point that opens up new horizons in your game progress! Enjoy the extra power and features that come with this upgrade! Your premium status is now even more valuable. Exciting moments and new peaks ahead!

Gold Card Bonuses go CRAZY!

We are pleased to announce an increase in bonuses received from Gold Cards! Now you can get even more advantages in the game by using these valuable cards.

1 Gold card: your standard battle GCELL and Shards bonus increases from 10% to as much as 20%

2 Gold cards: your bonus doubles, reaching 50% instead of the previous 25%

3 Gold cards: you will experience an incredible jump, getting a 100% bonus instead of the previous 50%

Preparing even more Cool Events!

In preparation for our future events, we have made a number of technical updates. The user interface has been updated to be more intuitive and easy to navigate. Serious work has been done on optimization and performance improvements. This will allow players to enjoy the future event without interruptions and delays.

A series of grandiose events starts at the beginning of summer, stay tuned!

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