Ver. 0.12.0

Meet the NERGAL Base Tournament & New Meta!

Prepare for the ultimate showdown in the NERGAL Base Tournament with a grand total of 500 Rare X.L.R. NERGAL robots up for grabs. Soon, you’ll be able to transform your new robots into exclusive NFTs! And, we completely changed the META with an Abilities overhaul and new game mechanics!

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Ver.0.12.0 Highlights:

  • NERGAL Base Tournament — our newest event featuring the new robot and game-changing mechanics — a new set of Abilities and a new robot every 3 days!

  • Gameplay Changes — a drastic rework of your favorite Abilities and core mechanics — the meta won’t be the same anymore!

  • Drop Boxes Update — new rules for familiar boxes, offering even bigger rewards!

  • Sound Changes — for an immersive experience.

  • Network Improvements — for stable gameplay.

  • PC & MAC Updates — reaching a new level of desktop gaming.

  • Bug Fixes — to reward your patience.

This patch is HUGE — give it a good read-through and explore all the details!

NERGAL Base Tournament

Starting on September 11 and continuing until December 9, brace yourself for thrilling battles in the NERGAL Base Tournament. We decided to make it special by introducing new mechanics — the robot and Abilities will change every 3 days! This is the ultimate test of your flexibility, with only 500 Rare X.L.R. Nergal robots up for grabs!

X.L.R. Nergal Overview

Nergal is a compact, maneuverable, Xennian light robot that brings inevitable death to its enemies from the air. It is highly mobile and capable of generating unexpected yet effective storms. Nergal’s primary weapon is its plasma rifle but other surprises can also be found in its arsenal. You will require 1,000 parts to unlock X.L.R NERGAL — good luck!

Claim your spot in the Top 100 players and unlock daily rewards:

  • Precious parts for the rare X.L.R. NERGAL robot

  • Challenge Tournament tickets

  • Tournament mode: Solo Mode

  • The ratings calculation formula remains the same:

Damage dealt in battle * Placement influence coefficient

Network Improvements

We have significantly upgraded the network component, which will positively impact the game’s stability and help avoid some of the previous bugs, thus improving the overall user experience.

Gameplay Changes

Tired of the old meta? These updates will change it beyond recognition!

Tower conservation

Towers no longer instantly destroy robots during conservation and players can now enter closed towers — it’s time to change your strategy!

Abilities Overhaul

Our Abilities are evolving, taking on a fresh new look. All Abilities now come with the Common quality and some have undergone significant transformations. We have rebalanced all the Abilities!

Drop Box Updates

All boxes now only drop Common Ability cards. Boxes can now drop multiple Abilities based on the specific box type’s drop chance:

Common boxes only drop Abilities that the player already possesses. Robot boxes only drop Abilities that are specific to the robot corresponding to the box; when this occurs, priority is given to Abilities not currently owned by the player.

Sound Changes

Sound effects and music are essential when it comes to immersing in the gameplay — here are some fresh improvements:

  1. We updated the matchmaking music theme.

  2. New victory/defeat sounds.

  3. New victory/defeat music themes.

PC & MAC Updates

The game versions for PC and MAC will now be separate on the website. Players will be able to adjust the cohort size when withdrawing from the tower using keyboard keys 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Bug Fix

We’ve been hard at work optimizing your gaming experience. Our team has taken the time to squash those pesky bugs, enhancing the stability and quality of the game. Get ready for smoother, more seamless battles.

So, gear up and take flight with the NERGAL Base Tournament. Your destiny awaits in the skies!

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