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Bastet Challenge Tournament Unleashed!

This new patch brings a new adventure — the Bastet Challenge Tournament with 150 Legendary NFT robots on the line and new 4-Player battles for newbies! Let’s dive into the details!

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Bastet Challenge Tournament

The Bastet Base Tournament is set to kick off on September 26, 2023 and will run through to November 24, 2023. During this tournament, players will have the opportunity to earn X.M.R. Bastet robot parts and Grand Challenge Tournament tickets.

X.M.R. Bastet

BASTET — a medium-class robot that embodies the evolution of Xennian’s ancestors, from wild beasts to clever hunters. Inspired by their origins, Xennians have integrated the best characteristics into this one robot. This silent predator strikes swiftly from the depths of forests, mountains and fields with lightning-fast precision.


Players ranking in the Top 100 of the tournament will receive:

  • Parts for the 150 Legendary X.M.R. Bastet robots

  • Grand Challenge Tournament tickets

Furthermore, players will have the opportunity to transform their X.M.R. Bastet robots into valuable NFTs!

Tournament Rules

1. Mode: ‘Overcoming Limits’

  • The number of robots is limited to a “spawn cap’. When this is reached, any abilities that produce robots will no longer work.

  • When knocking out an opponent, a player increases their spawn cap and receives bonus robots.

  • The spawn cap and bonuses depend on the robot’s type.

2. The rating calculation formula remains unchanged:

  • Damage inflicted in battle * Place influence coefficient

3. Tournament ratings are determined according to one’s most successful battle.

4-Player Battles

We decided to make Xenna simpler for newcomers:

  • New players will be able to participate in matches designed for 4 players on new, specially designed, maps.

  • The 10-Player mode will unlock once players reach a cup rating of 200 or higher.

  • In tournament battles, players with cup ratings below 200 will continue to play on 10-Player maps.

  • Players with a cup rating of 200 and above will still compete on 10-Player maps.

Bug Fixes

We carried out optimizations and fixed several identified bugs, enhancing the stability and overall quality of the gaming experience — feel free to share your impressions!

Join us in the Bastet Challenge Tournament where you can test your skills, earn fantastic rewards and unlock the Legendary X.M.R. Bastet! Good luck, Champions!

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