Ver. 0.2.11

READY the First Colonists! Xenna Ark Fundraise Begins!

A particularly beautiful dawn rises over the SIDUS Central Station today. This is Xenna reflecting the light of an unknown star, making it clear to all the brave Heroes that the time has come, and the path is open!

A few weeks remain before the first mission to Xenna. Which means that we begin to prepare the Ark that will bring everyone willing to colonize the new metaverse planet.

With Xenna, we are moving up to a completely different level of the game. This project will bring the metaverse to millions of mobile devices - even the simplest ones - making the user base of the SIDUS ecosystem grow rapidly, increasing brand awareness and token value. This all will mean just one thing — your investments in the game will be bringing more and more profits with every dawn of this new era.

Xenna Mission: Commencing Countdown

Xenna Ark fundraising starts on November 28, 11:00 UTC.

Xenna Strategy will become the second game in the SIDUS Metaverse and it will be available on mobile. The game economy will be built on a module structure — just like the ones on the Central Station — with one difference: Xenna modules will be subject to the main SIDUS HEROES modules. MarketPlace, Store, Bank, and Hedonist are planned for Xenna.

The Xenna Ark will serve as the orbital station and the starting point for the first Xenna colonizers with Space Shuttles used for interplanetary travels. The Ark, while partly having the functionality of conventional modules, will not demand that many resources to build and the investment stage will be much shorter.

The investment stage will be followed by construction and deployment of the orbital station near Xenna.

Ark investors will get royalties from every transaction in tokens processed on Xenna!

The new resources you are seeing will soon be announced! Don’t miss the news!

No More Autoscroll!

Sometimes it's better to do everything yourself, isn't it? Autoscroll in the modules section created some inconvenience when choosing the desired module and navigating through it. We wanted to make life easier for you, but we realized that without us you are happier. So we disabled autoscroll, and now there will be no unwanted screen movement.

Make Some Ca$h On Your Dropboxes — They Go on the Marketplace!

It's time to make money on the purchased dropboxes! Many of you have bought these boxes for just this purpose, so let's not delay! Dropboxes can now be sold on the marketplace! This also applies to the GATES Dropbox! Who wanted a Xenna card? You again have the opportunity to draw a lucky ticket!

We really wonder what price sellers will charge for these treasures…

Even Your Mom Can’t Make Such an Order!

Order in the closet, order in the head! We fixed the logic of displaying items in the inventory. Previously, if you select any section of the inventory, you would see a number at the bottom of the window that showed the number of “item icons” located in this section. Each “icon” contained a number showing how many items it held. Now the amount of all items is shown at the bottom, and not the total amount of the icons.

We hope you appreciate our efforts even in such small things, because every little thing matters when it's about quality of life!

Bug Fix

  • The Energy Counter got crazy sometimes and kept growing endlessly upon skipping, yet you could not use any abilities. It’s too much pressure in the game — even mechanics are doomed. But it’s all fine now and the problem solved!

  • Crit damage feels great doesn’t it. After the recent UPD the Crit stopped displaying. We fixed that!

One giant leap…

The start of Ark construction officially moves the SIDUS HEROES project into the Metaverse category and there is no going back. We have created a battler that is loved by thousands of players and that brings them a steady income. It's time to move on to our ultimate goal of becoming the market leaders of the metaverse with the largest user base. We have no doubt that we will succeed! We have millions of players ahead of us who will love and faithfully play our games, but our first believers will forever remain in our hearts because all this was made possible thanks to you!

It’s a big event and we plan to support it with multiple interactives! More LIKEs on our Twitter more events for you! Let’s do it… 200 likes = 1 cool flash event! What do you think?

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