Seeds have 3 rarity types: Common, Epic and Legendary. The trees grown from them will have their respective rarity. Rarity determines how many fruits will grow and of which quality. All fruits are consumables that are used by Heroes and Replicants to boost various stats.

Seeds are unique items that can only be obtained during the event, and will never be issued anywhere in the game.

Though with the discovery of other planets, we might discover some new flora as well. (Pictures of seeds go from Common to Legendary)

Seed & Future TreeBoostSpecifics

Chance to finalize production of pills

Artificially grown in the SIDUS Central Station laboratories, the Zyro tree bears fruits whose chemical composition can complete the pill manufacturing process.

Initiative Boost

The Kumadra tree grows in the lowlands of Volto. Low temperatures and high atmospheric pressure affected Kumadra — it’s a small, nondescript tree with a thick trunk. However, Kumadra fruits are prized by all races for their combat-enhancing ability to speed up the brain processes of those who consume it.

Dodge Boost (functionality patched out and will be defined in future updates)

Urakas trees grow in the swampy regions of the Sarisuru planet. The rich mineral soil allows Urakas to grow fruits with a unique chemical composition that increases reaction speed.

Block Boost

The aggressive ecosystem of the Kshass planet has made the Drodole tree one of the most resilient representatives of intergalactic flora. Growing in volcanic ash, the tree produces fruits that increase the resistances of whoever eats them.

Crit chance upper limit Boost

The jungle of Sarisuru is rich in unique flora. The Rukhma tree is one of its brightest representatives. The fruits of this tree are known throughout the galaxy for increasing the physical strength of those who eat them.

Instant Full Healing

The Khont tree growing on Sarisuru is known for its healing fruits. The ability to grow its seeds in any soil makes it one of the most popular trees in the galaxy.

Instant Energy Replenish

The Sefir tree from Volto grows on mountain tops, which often causes it to be struck by lightning. During its evolution, the Sefir tree developed a unique property — its roots collect electricity from soil electrified by frequent lightning strikes and store it in its fruits, which become natural accumulators. Due to these properties, different races use the Sefir fruits to replenish their energy.

Reproduction Revival Tree

The Sacre tree from planet Sarisuru bears fruit valued by scientists of all races for its ability to produce a special gel that aids reproductive functions.

Raptorian Experience Bonus

The Jadaro tree is one of the most common on Sarisuru, the home planet of the Raptorions. Its fruits are very popular among Raptorians due to their beneficial properties.

Ogya Experience Bonus

The Ignitur tree from the fiery world of Kshass grows in mineral-rich solidified magma. The Ogya use its fruits for food.

Voltrone Experience Bonus

The Pery tree is one of the few representatives of the sparse Volto flora. It is able to grow on the rocky landscape of the planet and has superconductivity. The fruits of Pery trees are used by the Voltron as food.

Cyborg Experience Bonus

The artificially synthesized Pentron tree grown by the Cyborgs on their ships bears special fruits that the Cyborgs use to improve their internal systems.

Xenna Experience Bonus

The tree from the Xenna planet was genetically modified in the labs of the orbital stations, so its fruts are used for food.

Tiru Tree for Toadwing Eggs

The Tiru tree from Sarisuru is grown everywhere due to its hertiness and fruits which are necessary to feed Toadwings.

Withdrawal Limit Boost

Artificially grown in the laboratories of the SIDUS Central Station, Velas tree fruits are needed to synthesize a coolant that allows you to increase withdrawal limits.

Research Points crit chance Boost

Artificially grown in the laboratories of the SIDUS Central Station, the Khronur tree bears fruits necessary for synthesizing pills for Replicants. These pills grant an increase in the crit chance for Research Points.

Construction Points crit chance Boost

Noran trees are grown in the laboratories of SIDUS Central Station and bear fruit necessary for Replicant pill synthesis. These pills increase the crit chance for Construction Points.

Research Points volume Boost

The Inturi tree, grown in the labs on SIDUS Central Station, bears fruit used in synthesizing pills for Replicants. These pills increase the amount of Research Points.

Construction Points volume Boost

Artificially grown in the laboratories of the SIDUS Central Station, the Zelu tree bears fruit necessary for synthesizing pills for Replicants. These pills grant an increase to the amount of Construction Points.

Also, there is one seed, which can be only legendary.

Seed & Future TreeBoostSpecifics

Instant Bluffing Reload

The unique Lirna tree grows in the highlands of the planet Volto, and is valued by all races for its fruits, which literally allow the eater to cheat death.

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