Ver. 0.2.6

Endless Battles & QSIDUS Event

Tembazar version 0.2.6 is here! We’re introducing the “Endless Battle” mode, offering you a chance to win $20 in QSIDUS and providing AI bots to help you hone your skills. Check out all the details below!

Endless Battle

In this new game mode, there’s no need to wait for the lobby to fill — dive straight into the free-for-all battle! The rule is simple: the last warrior standing wins the round. There are no allies here; every warrior is out for themselves. Players can join or leave the ongoing battle as and when convenient for them. Once a round concludes, a new one begins, keeping the action relentless.


Let’s make your Tembazar journey even better! Convert your frags into QSIDUS bonuses! From December 22 until December 29, be among the first 150 players to achieve 50 frags* and get $20 in QSIDUS on your Sidus Market account! Don’t forget to log into the game with the same Metamask address you use in the Sidus Market.

*Frag — the killing of an enemy cyborg during a match.

Current player statistics will be reset to ensure everyone is on an equal footing. Dive into the Statistics sections inside the game for more details. You will be able to use QSIDUS to purchase valuable NFTs — good luck in the battle!

Win your bonus:

AI Bots

We’ve introduced AI bots into our Endless Battle mode to eliminate the frustration of long waiting times and help you get 50 frags faster! This ensures that there’s always action on the battlefield, allowing players to engage in combat even when human opponents are scarce.

We hope these additions enhance your Tembazar experience. Get ready to face the chaos and emerge victorious — version 0.2.6 awaits!

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