Ver. 0.2.9

New Animation for Better Navigation, Stats UPD, and Black Friday for SIDUS HEROES!

Hello to all the lucky ones who managed to collect all the parts from the Mutagenetor! You are truly great and the real pride of the metaverse! But even if you have only collected a few parts of the new mechanism, you have our respect anyways! We are sure that if you want, you will be able to get the entire Mutagenetor a little later! In the meantime, we are preparing for new events, polishing features, and mechanics so that nothing can spoil your impression of the game! All these events we are making to provide you with as many valuable assets as possible, whose importance will only increase in time.

SIDUS HEROES Black Friday Begins Now!

Friends, we couldn't wait until tomorrow, so we are starting Black Friday today!! This is our special gift for you!

During Black Friday you get a 50% bonus for every deposit of $SIDUS and $SENATE you make! No limits — any amount and as many times as you like!

This is a great chance to make a deposit if you have been planning to for a long time! We have never had such a bonus! If you have long dreamed of buying a brand new dropbox, climbing up the investment rating, or getting prizes for $SIDUS and $SENATE ratings, this is your chance! You have just a few hours to multiply your fortune! Catch it, and we hope you enjoy it!

Black Friday finishes on November 11, 23:59 UTC!

Support Abilities Get Their Own Animation!

We should have done this long ago. Racial abilities that work for allies now have their own animations! This should help when navigating the battlefield. There are also animations for accepting an allied ability from your teammate!

Just look at what your Heroes can do now!

New Patch, New Daily Ratings!

We are adding another daily quest to the daily randomizer!

Max Crit DMG

The maximum critical damage dealt in one hit.

Ogya’s Buff is Not Confusing Anymore

Ogya got really angry and gave too many damage points with the buff to his allies! This caused some unbalance in the fight and led to incorrect battle strategies as the claimed damage significantly exceeded the real one. We corrected this, and now the forces in battle are again relatively equal!

We are constantly regulating the balance to make the game fair for all players. Thank you for your feedback!

2 AFK Skips and You Lose!

We continue to fight cheaters! Now you will lose after 2 AFK skips, instead of the previous 3! We also fixed a bug that would count turn skipping even if you used an ability but didn't press ‘Next Turn’. Casting any ability is now enough to prevent inactivity from being counted!

We want to make the game as dynamic as possible, so that you don’t waste time and get in real effective fights!

Freshman Power increased to 160!

Freshman is a Legendary SIDUS HEROES gadget available via dropboxes. There are 3 types of this gadget:

  • Freshman-OG — for Ogya Heroes only

  • Freshman-VO — for Voltrone Heroes only

  • Freshman-RP — for Raptorian Heroes only

It felt like the freshman devices had too much impact on combat and too little power for such an impact. Because of this, players without freshmen often got matched against stronger players with a device. We've fixed this and now freshman's power is 160 instead of the previous 115!

All of them provide the Hero with +1 Energy Point and +5 Attack Points. Freshman gadgets are the only Legendary gadgets available so far. This valuable item significantly boosts your stats at the beginning of the battle. Soon there will be more assets of this kind coming in the game. We are aware that you are eager to get Armor. ;)

Bug Fix

  • You reported a bug on the screen after the battle was complete. You can now get right into the lobby, just as you are supposed to.

  • You noticed that when leaving the ratings, you sometimes experienced problematic screens. This visual bug has been fixed!

  • Sometimes after a victory, you could not see the Gold Tesseract or resources you received. We fixed this visual bug.

  • When activating investment boosts, for some of you, the time was added to the common boost instead of the epic one. We apologize for the inconvenience. All is fixed now.

Use every chance to catch what is yours

Friends, we encourage you to be active and grab every opportunity to get unique assets. We do these events for a reason: to maximize the benefits of early adopters! Don't miss out on these chances — many of them will never happen again! A lot of our events have a unique asset drop that will never appear in the game again, and will rise in value every day after the event is over.

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