Ver. 0.10.0

Tightening the Xenna screws!

Friends, lately we have launched many new events and we see that you love them. There is still a series of events ahead, as we promised, to make this summer fiery hot! And in this update, we have tightened the nuts and bolts of our orbital station a little, in readiness for the next interdimensional jump!

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First & Fast

Xenna is a fast-paced game and we are well aware that there is just no need for extra waiting here. That’s why we’ve tried to optimize the process for downloading game content as much as possible. We have removed the pre-download at the start of the first battle — instead, the game content now loads during the first game session, without interrupting the gameplay.

Who needs to learn?!

6 minutes — is it much or not? We are pretty sure the battle can be shorter! We are providing the users with a shorter fight to see how it affects your game! We’ve sped up the tutorial fight so that new players can quickly dive into the main points of the game and adapt more easily.

Don’t leave your army!

We’ve updated the ‘Overcoming Limits’ mode. If a player leaves the match early, the damage dealt to their units and the bonus for finishing off their last cohort is calculated according to the standard rules.

Tournament Place Influence Coefficient UPD

Your tournament Rating is determined using this formula:

Damage in Battle * Place Influence Coefficient = Tournament Rating

We’ve updated the Place Influence Coefficient to make the game even fairer. If you’ve been actively fighting during the whole battle but ranked 2nd, you still have a chance to keep up (or even take over) a less active user!

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