There are currently three alien races in Nidum Arena Battler. New races will be added to the game in future updates. All of them participate in the construction of the Station, the extraction of resources and battles.

Each race has its own abilities.

Playable Races


Voltrones inherently discharge an Electric Impact, have 20% Electric Mastery and 20% Electric Resistance. They deal the lowest Damage of 29-33 with their race-based Ability but have the highest Health of 420 and their Initiative is 60. Use of their race-based Ability on their allies puts a protective shield around them that is proportional in power to the number of Defense Skill Points they have.

The home planet of Voltrones is called Volto, a rocky planet with hot temperatures and different altitudes. Vegetation is sparse and there is a rather serious shortage of water. These conditions played an important role in the development of Voltrones' heightened social skills. Within their community, they are extremely sociable, almost at the level of telepathic communication and similar abilities manifest when communicating with other races. Biologically, Voltrones themselves are composed predominantly of silicon compounds, which gives rise to significant resistance to most biological influences. There is atavism within this race, with glands that produce an electric current. Their history is quite smooth, with a lot of subtle politics and diplomacy.


Raptorians inherently discharge a Hydro Impact, have 20% Hydro Mastery and 20% Hydro Resistance. Their race-based Ability causes the highest Damage of 35-39 but they have the lowest Initiative of 58 and their Health is 380. Using their race-based Ability on their teammates restores their HP according to how many Defense Skill Points they have, which makes Raptorians indispensable in team battles.

Raptorians’ native planet is Sarisuru, which is essentially a large swamp, acting much like a huge test tube in which life has been in full swing for thousands of years. The genetics on Sarisuru have given birth to a huge number of species, most of whom have not survived, which makes Raptorians one of the most amazing examples of the diversity of nature. Every Raptorian is unique in their own way and yet, they share many similarities with one another, especially at the community and family level, to whom they are very attached. Centuries of protracted civil wars have taught Raptorians to survive in the most difficult of conditions, they have learned to be secretive and inconspicuous and their ability to form symbiotic relationships with other Sarisuru species is amazing.


Ogya inherently produce a Thermo Impact, have 20% Thermo Mastery and 20% Thermo Resistance. When this race uses its race-based Ability, the average Damage they cause is 33-37, their average Health is 400 and their average Initiative is 59. Extending their race-based Ability to their allies guarantees an increase in the level of Damage dealt to their enemies.

The home planet of the Ogya race is called Kshass and it’s a fiery world of changeable landscape formations and black clouds. Ogya, like Voltrones, are almost entirely made of stone, except with a high content of Tungsten and Plutonium. These Heroes are radioactive and glow a little in the dark, so they must undergo a deactivation procedure before going into space. They have invented uncannily ingenious devices that, according to rumor, can even be assembled from stones and made to work. The organs responsible for their internal secretions produce a liquid that has a high octane number. Psychologically, Ogya are individualists who live in small settlements and rarely make contact with each other. Their lifespan is extremely long and their method of reproduction is a very lengthy and complex process.

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