Apartments are limited private space quarters used to store valuable items. Players can either use apartments for their own needs or rent them out to generate passive income.

There are three classifications of Apartment rarity: Common, Epic, Legendary.

The larger apartment is, the more items it is capable of storing. The higher the classification of the apartment, the less time it takes a user to move from one point in the city to another, and the more users it can accommodate.


Each apartment contains unique household items that are limited-edition collectible NFTs:

Plants - these are game boosters that enable players to enhance Heroes and Pets.

Workbenches - these have all the tools needed to produce pharmaceuticals for research, building, and speeding up different in-game processes used by both Heroes and Replicants.

Robots - advanced assistants that provide bonuses for investment activities, increase players' rewards, and expand their investment and income opportunities.

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