Modules and Construction

Modules are the main features on the NIDUM Station. They diversify the gameplay and create possibilities for players by helping them to progress.

Here is a list of all the modules:

Players can purchase unique in-game items using $SENATE & $SIDUS tokens.

Players can trade in-game items with other users. Trades are conducted in $SENATE & $SIDUS tokens.

Players use their Toolboxes to construct Space Shuttles and establish transport routes to other planets.

Players can use Genetic Stimulants to create worker-heroes - Replicants.

Players can rent out Heroes to other players and receive valuable resources.

Features paid tournaments for players with or without heroes. Tournament fees must be paid in $SIDUS.

Enables users to withdraw $SIDUS tokens to external wallets.

Players can stake their $SIDUS and $SENATE tokens for additional rewards over time.

A gateway connecting every planet in the metaverse. It enables Space Arks to discover pathways to new planets.

Heroes from all corners of the SIDUS Metaverse undergo training at the Nidum Station. By unlocking higher ranks, heroes gain access to wealth and opportunities.

The orbital station allows for the development of Xenna's infrastructure, including Space Shuttles for interplanetary travel.

The orbital station allows for the development of Tembazar's infrastructure, including Space Shuttles for interplanetary travel.

Replicants and Heroes tirelessly extract valuable resources from asteroid debris around the clock. Co-owners of the module receive rewards in resources from every cycle of ore processing. The resources obtained in the Factory are essential for the construction of modules and for crafting more complex composite materials.

How to get the required items:

  • Rare Resources and $SIDUS tokens can be obtained from Tesseracts.

  • $SENATE/$SIDUS can be bought on DEXs and CEXs and deposited in the game via a MetaMask wallet or be obtained by selling on the Marketplace.


The amount you invest determines the size of your Royalties - this can be seen in the diagram. Records of every module investor are stored on the Leaderboard screen. All investors are Rated according to their contribution to a module and this is also displayed on the Leaderboard screen.

Investments made by other players are displayed in the Resource Collection window in the Invested/Required column.

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