Space Shuttle Shipyard

This module is where players use their Toolboxes to construct Space Shuttles. Once in possession of a Space Shuttle, players can discover and colonize other planets and mine their Resources.

One of the largest structures on the NIDUM Station, the Shipyard uses up three-quarters of its production capacity and consumes almost half of its energy. The Space Shuttles built here go as far as the outskirts of the Galaxy. Capable of handling virtually all the engineering and construction work, this module is mainly maintained by Ogya builders who work on mind-blowing technological projects and Voltrone technicians whose subtle minds set these machines into motion and know how to refine them to perfection.

It is obvious that the races inhabiting the Station have some primal knowledge of space travel. However, the technology they encounter in the Shipyard exceeds even their understanding of alien mechanics. Based on a portion of the deciphered schematics they inherited from the Forerunners, it is clear that distance was not a problem for them. One question still remains unanswered — where in the universe are they now?

The construction of this module began on 27.04.2022

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