Ver. 0.1.14

New Module: Investment stage


As part of our marketing campaign, we’re launching another cool event! Until June 19th, you have an amazing opportunity to get valuable Gem Boxes with every victory in battle, for each Hero on your team (capped at 25 per day). Play as many 3x3 matches as you can and your chances of getting Gem Boxes will skyrocket!

Inside the boxes you will find gems that will be highly useful to you when you want to build modules! Depending on the rarity of your Hero, you could get:

  • Common Hero: Amethyst and Topaz

  • Epic Hero: Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphire and Ruby

  • Legendary Hero: all of the above + an extremely valuable Emerald and Diamond!

In addition, you get $SIDUS coins for each victory as a bonus — a maximum of 100 $SIDUS for each Hero, depending on his rarity!

Find the rules in our post.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the problem of account reconnections during battles

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