Ver. 0.2.18

Armor Arrives! Indispensable protection for your warriors!

Hey guys! The long-awaited day has come, and first Armors are appearing in the game! You can get your shiny armor in Golden Tesseracts!

This new asset will help your character shrug off attacks that would leave others incapacitated. Now that armor is coming into the game don’t miss your chance to be one of the first to get yours. Jump into the game, win, don some armor and crush the enemy!

The Wait is Over First Armors Are Here!

We've all been waiting for this moment for so long! We present to you the first Metaverse ARMOR! Now your Hero will become a real juggernaut— implacable and hardy! Get your armor in Golden Tesseracts!

3 armors will be added to the game: Raptorian, Voltrone, and Ogya. Each armor has 6 tiers. The higher the tier, the greater the increase in the stats.

Armor stats:

If you have been whitelisted for Armor in contests, you will soon get 6 tiers of Armor!

When opening the tesseract with a Diamond Key, you might catch 2 sets of Armor, yet it can be of different tiers.

Tiers are not an upgradeable attribute. They drop out randomly from tesseracts! We hope you are lucky and manage to grab the right one! But if not, everything can always be traded on the marketplace. There’s going to be a lot of players who are hunting for specific armors!

Gradual Addition of New Game Contents

We thank you for your patience, because we know how long you have been waiting for armor. Progressive development of in-game equipment is our main goal, and it is important for us to deliver only high-quality content. That's why we take as much time as needed. We hope you will appreciate the new asset and start using it right away!

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