Ver. 0.1.5




Added Bluffing

Now it's possible to use hero's abilities on allies to buff them

  • Raptorian Race Ability “Poison Spit” — heals your ally and applies the “Wet” Status

  • Voltrone Race Ability “Electro Shock” — puts a shield around the target and absorbs part of the damage dealt to that target in the subsequent attack; applies the “Charged” Status.

  • Ogya Race Ability ”Fire Breath” — increases the Crit chance of the next attack (if there is one) and inflicts the “Burning” Status


Added inventory scroll-bar

Tesseracts now stack

HP bars removed from defeated Heroes

Hero’s characteristics now feature a critical damage multiplier


Railgun Pistol’s Powerful Shot Energy — cost has increased from 2 Points to 3 Points.

Wave Modulator’s Wave Blast Energy — cost has increased from 2 Points to 3 Points.

Bug Fixes

Hero’s ‘damage’ display is now fixed and shows the correct info.

HP damage is displayed the moment the damage is dealt, not right after using the attack.

The POWER value display is fixed, after the Skill Points are reset.

Heroes now correctly display the damage range of the race-based Ability.

The Bleeding Status duration is fixed — it deals damage for three turns.

Energy burning calculation is fixed when Effects are triggered.

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