Ver. 0.2.0

Time for some updates!

Dear friends,

The Xenna public beta has been live for over one week and it is time for some updates. We are reviewing some details and some things will be reset. Don’t worry though, there won’t be any further progress resets!

Here are more details.

Progress and Game Balance Changes

A full reset of players will be performed with patch 0.2.0 except for:

  • Hero progress (Xennian)

  • All metaverse boxes received by players

  • Players’ accounts

What specifically will be reset?

  • Robots (ability boosts), the exp leftovers

  • Soft currency (GCell) that is earned in fights and is used to boost hero abilities

  • Card of abilities and slots

  • Progress on the Trophy Road

  • The shop

  • Daily and weekly rewards

  • Ratings

There won’t be any progress resets in the future!

All progress will be fully transferred from the beta version to the game release!

Important! Game statistics of players who participated in GameFi and Coinpost competitions before the reset will be considered.

Patch 0.2.0 Updates

For Windows / MacOS

  • Mouse navigation has been upgraded

  • An option to leave the application by clicking the ESC button was added

  • Hotkeys for managing the camera were added to the WASD and ARROW keys

  • A hotkey for accessing a list of players in the game was added to the TAB button

  • A hotkey for viewing the whole map was added to the SPACE button

For All Platforms

  • A new map was added

  • A time tracker was added for premium accounts

  • Existing visual effects were improved and new ones were added

  • Network connection stability was improved

  • Some authorization errors were fixed

  • Many other small improvements were done and additional components were introduced

Changes in Game Mechanics

  • If you win first place in a battle, you receive a Standard Box instead of a Robot Box

  • For 5 victories, you receive a Xenna Medium Robot Box (XMR Box). There is no need to win 5 times consecutively. Even if you lose, progress for this reward won’t be reset

  • The configuration of how cards are found in the boxes is changed. Now, you can find only the Basic rarity cards in the boxes

Other Details

Some changes to subscription conditions were introduced.

  • If you have a premium account with a 3-day validity, it will be valid for 30 days for the Trophy Road.

  • Note that when an option to buy gOre (crystals that can be used to get additional perks in the game) in a shop is introduced, all subscriptions for over 3 days will be canceled.

  • Metaverse boxes are awarded if you win 1st or the 2nd place in a battle if you have a premium account that is valid until the end of January 2023.

The APK is available for Android and can be downloaded here:

We will be improving Xenna constantly to ensure fair gameplay and provide you with a top tier gaming experience.

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