Reproduction Facility

Maintaining the population has always been a key problem for the inhabitants of NIDUM Central Station. Virtually unlimited resources together with an obvious lack of living space led to the creation of the Reproduction Facility. This complex biotechnological system provides perfect artificial conditions for reproducing bodies and organs for any race inhabiting the Station. It also enables the memories and skills of the originating Hero to be downloaded into the body of the reproduced being - mostly through hypnosis and by affecting the neurons.

The family style of living as well as the traditional life-and-death outlook are still popular on the majority of the inhabited planets, which makes the Reproduction Facility a problem for many. This is mostly the result of ignorance because ultimately, the Facility is one of the most prominent scientific and technological achievements of the modern age. Its work secures the well-being and longevity of not only the inhabitants of the Station but other living beings in all parts of the Galaxy as well.

How does it work?

On the Capsules Page you will find all the capsules you have in your collection.

Empty capsules are the ones that are not currently used for reproduction. Replication Capsules are the ones that are currently replicating or have a Hero that needs to be claimed.

If you don't have any capsules yet, you can go to the Store or Marketplace (in future) directly from the Reproduction Facility to buy them.

The capsules have different rarity. Based on the rarity, each capsule takes a different period of time to make a Hero.

First, choose a Hero you want to replicate. Remember that you will not be able to use your Hero in the Battle Arena during the reproduction process!

All Heroes have reproduction limits depending on their rarity:

  • Legendary Heroes — 1,000 Replications

  • Epic Heroes — 100 Replications

  • Common Heroes — 10 Replications

Once you’ve selected a Hero to replicate, confirm your choice to continue. Your Hero will be placed in the Capsule. The price for the replication will be displayed in $SIDUS and Genetic Stimulants. You will also see the Replication Chance which changes based on the Hero and Reproduction Sphere (in a future update) inside the Capsule.

Replication Chance indicates the probability of obtaining a Hero of a certain rarity. The chance percentage does NOT depend on the capsule rarity!

When the Replication process is over, open the Capsule and your new Hero will be placed in your collection after a short period of time!

All information according to Replicants you can find on this page.


50% of each transaction made using this module goes to the investors of the Module, 25% for the development of the project, and 25% is burned.

Construction History

The construction of this module began on 27.04.2022 and ended on 18.07.2022.

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