Ver. 0.2.17

Daily Royalty Claim & Saying “GOODBYE” To Hyperprism!

Dear friends, we are gradually completing the privileged beta access to the game which lasted for over a year. At the moment we are collaborating with more than 50 bloggers and influencers who will provide promotional content for the game. We want this promo to work out perfectly to launch SIDUS HEROES to the stars! To increase interest in the project and overall metrics, we introduced the daily royalty claim feature with unclaimed tokens burned every month. Check out the new rules and come play often!

Come for the $SIDUS, Stay for the Fun!

Skipping daily entries into the game isn’t the best idea. You lose potential loot and miss important events. Check your account every day to personally claim your module investment royalties that accrued over the last 24 hours. You can do this in the Royalty section in the “Modules” tab.

Royalty was automatically credited to your balance in the past, but now if you have not collected it within 24 hours, all the unclaimed tokens will be burned with the monthly token burn event. The unclaimed tokens can not be refunded. The first royalties will become available for claim on February 8, 00:00 UTC.

To help with this change, we added a timer in the Modules tab that shows the amount to claim and the next royalties accrual period. Don't miss out on your rewards and have a daily session to get even more!

SIDUS GATES Opens for All!

Many of you have been with us for a long time, and you deserve to be able to get royalties from our coolest module — Sidus Gates! That’s why we’re lifting all restrictions on collection rarity! Previously you needed 3000 Collection Rarity Points to invest in the module. Now you can do so regardless of how many and which Heroes you have!

As a reminder, Sidus Gates is the module with which we will expand the metaverse by adding new games. Module investors will have the opportunity to collect royalties from modules of other game-planets.

Goodbye, Hyperprism!

Hyperprism was your very first boss. It was intimidating but the rewards were welcome! You fought bravely, got loot, and built strategies, but it's time to say goodbye. The Hyperprism will go on indefinite hiatus and will not be seen in our arenas for now.

Don't be too sad! There are other bosses ahead even if we will always remember our first! Let us know when you start missing a oss, and we’ll see about getting them back!

Catch Every Opportunity!

Passive income is great, but sometimes it can be too relaxing and you might miss out on other great opportunities. Every day something new happens in our game; new events and contests appear, new functionality is released, new modules open. We really want you to take advantage of all the opportunities that we create and use them while there is time. We make these opportunities for you after all!

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