Organizations Drop Guide

For each victory achieved by a rented team, the user receives both basic and unique drops. Rented teams obtain all resources from within the confines of 15 victories per day. On the 16th victory, the drop chance for the Organization is set to 0.

Basic Drops

  • Limestone and Copper Bars always drop in quantities of 1-4.

  • Slate and Aluminum Ingots drop with a 30% chance in quantities of 1-4.

  • Resources related to heroes' quests (depending on the hero's collection and rarity) also drop - Stimulants and/or Polygons, but only for the owner of the hero who achieves the victory, i.e., the Boss.

  • Temporary drop of Gold and Silver Tesseracts as part of these quests. The completion of quests occurs on a profile basis, regardless of the team’s type (self-owned or rented). If you complete all quests with a rented team, those quests will be deemed complete for your self-owned team and vice versa, as well as in combination (daily progress for quest completion).

Recommendation: If you own some heroes and are part of an Organization, play with your self-owned team first and then with a rented one.

Unique Drops


- Common: 100 Contribution Points

- Epic: 1,000 Contribution Points

- Legendary: 10,000 Contribution Points


- Common: 30 Contribution Points

- Epic: 300 Contribution Points

- Legendary: 3,000 Contribution Points

Unique Drop Probability Scheme

Table of unique drops and estimated daily earnings expressed in Contribution Points (Academy Collection).

Table of unique drops and estimated daily earnings expressed in Contribution Points (Genesis Collection).

How It Works

Example 1

For a team of 3 Legendary Genesis heroes:

  1. Win a battle.

  2. The system examines the composition, hero collection and rarity, then it rolls a die with a random number.

  3. The number rolled determines the rarity of the resource (Common 61%, Epic 30%, or Legendary 9% chance).

  4. When the 9% chance prevails, a Legendary resource is selected (the total chance is 100%, so only one resource is chosen).

  5. Now, the system rolls another die to determine if the resource drops (45% chance it will drop and 55% chance it won't).

  6. If it does, the Employee receives Stellarium worth 3,000 CP and the Boss receives the Legendary resource Heliodorite worth 10,000 CP.

  7. If the die is unlucky, no one receives a resource (the Boss only receives resources when the Employee does).

As specified in the patch notes, there is always the chance for a resource drop, but only one resource. The more heroes from the same collection you have, the better your chance to receive a drop:

  • Academy Collection (1 Hero - 3%, 2 Heroes - 9%, 3 Heroes - 27%)

  • Genesis Collection (1 Hero - 5%, 2 Heroes - 15%, 3 Heroes - 45%)

Example 2

For a team with 2 Epic Genesis heroes and 1 Common Academy hero, the system rolls two dice under two different rules.

2 Epic Genesis (Common 88%, Epic 9%, Legendary 3%):

  1. The system selects the rarity.

  2. Common is rolled (88% chance).

  3. Another die is rolled to determine the resource drop, a 15% chance of dropping.

  4. It drops (with a 15% drop chance and an 85% non-drop chance).

1 Common Academy (Common 94%, Epic 5%, Legendary 1%):

  1. The system selects the rarity.

  2. Legendary is rolled (1% chance).

  3. Another die is rolled to determine the resource drop, a 3% chance of dropping.

  4. It doesn't drop (with a 3% drop chance and a 97% non-drop chance).

In total, 1 resource was obtained:

  • Employee Veloxium: 30 CP

  • Boss Omnitensite: 100 CP

If the heroes' rarities are all different or their collections are different, the system rolls the die three times under the configuration of 1 hero for each rarity and collection.

The most profitable combination for obtaining valuable resources is a team of 3 Legendary Genesis heroes. The most basic combination is 1 Common Academy character.

Enjoy the game and build your wealth - good luck!

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