Apartment Construction Event

Don’t Miss The Chance!

We are happy to announce that the Apartment Construction Event is coming! We’ve compiled all you need to know, all the detailed procedure information! Without further ado, let’s dive in and answer all your questions one by one.

NOTE: The event is designed to obtain Keycards for future access to the apartments. The functionality of the apartments themselves will NOT be ready at this stage.

Apartment Rarity

First things first. There are several essential notions to the system, and Apartment rarity is one of them. There are three levels of Apartment rarity: Common, Epic, and Legendary. The Keycards correspond to those rarity levels. Intrigued? Read on, as there is much more to be said about the Apartment Construction, Keycards, and more!

The rarity level defines the Apartment size, and subsequent storage capabilities, as well as its location. Naturally, the larger an Apartment is, the more items it is capable of storing. Additionally, the higher the classification of the Apartment, i.e., its rarity level, the less time it takes a user to move from one point in the Station to another, and the more users it can accommodate.

Apartment Interface

We are also working on a new concept of Apartment interface, where you will be able to control and manage your belongings and surroundings. For example, players will be able to manage their Workbenches for weapon building, crafting, etc. You will also be able to grow trees from seeds, produce new resources, and many other things we will reveal later. Patience is a virtue!

Notably, unique Metaverse resources will also be generated in these NFT Apartments. As of now, we are launching an activity for you to obtain keys to your future Apartments and benefit from them, having an advantage over other players. Now, let’s head on to the practical part of the question.

Short Step-By-Step

#1. Go to the Store module.

#2. Purchase a unique Keycard Chip.

Remember we told you about Keycard Chips? They are the construction parts of your valid Keycard, which gives you Apartment access! The rarity of those cards corresponds to the rarity of the future Apartment.

#3. Go to the “Parts” section of the inventory.

#4. Choose the purchased Keycard Chip.

#5. Hit the “То Assembly” button and you’ll be redirected to the Assembly interface.

It’s high time to give you more details about how Keycard Chips work!

Keycard Chips and Apartment Access

Keycards are a rare resource! To get the much-desired Keycard, you will have to:

  1. Give the Chip itself, so the Sidus Mind can craft a Keycard with the corresponding rarity out of it.

  2. Contribute the necessary resources for Apartment construction.

The list of the necessary resources for each rarity can be found HERE.

Once you obtain all the necessary resources, you can get the Keycard and the ownership of your Apartment. The Mind will randomly generate a unique key number, which will determine the Apartment’s location on the Nidum Station.

Number range:

  • Common Keycards – C1-4,000

  • Epic Keycards – B1-1,500

  • Legendary Keycards – A1-500

There will be 6,000 Apartments overall, some of which have already been given out for other activities. The numbers of those apartments will be excluded from the auto-generated range.

Keycard Chips | Purchase Details

There will be 200 Chips overall. Subsequently, only 200 Apartment access Keycards can be generated. Only 1 Chip per person will be available each day, so be mindful of your purchase!

Notably, Keycard Chip sales open on May 29, 2024 at 13:00 UTC.

Тhe Keycard Chip sale is closed. Due to high demand and rapid purchase, the system sold an additional Legendary Keycard Chip, bringing the total to 201.

*Once purchased, you will have no time limit on Assembly. The Chip entitles you to a Keycard and will be your property.

**The price is fixed in US dollars. Payment is made in SIDUS tokens according to the exchange rate at the time of sale.

Article versioning

27.05.2024 – version 1.0 as of the specified date, information may change over time through article versioning.

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