Ver. 0.2.1

Patch Notes ver 0.2.1 — Deposit Box Event & +0.1% to the Team bonus drop chance with Eggs!

Got that summertime sadness? Fear not legends; Deposit Boxes will shake it up! Get yourself ready for piles of loot as this patch is going to be huge! Two weeks of constant rewards for $SIDUS deposits and the first way to use Toadwing Eggs! Intrigued? Let’s get to the main part!

Exclusively from August 30 to September 16, deposit $SIDUS into the game and collect solid bonuses! The first 5 deposits per account during the event will be rewarded with Deposit Boxes of different rarities. Bigger deposits bring bigger rewards. Each Deposit Box contains a certain set of resources and comes with extra $SIDUS!

Players Ratings

Feel like you don't have enough competition? Want more rewards? Not a problem! We’ve added 3 new major ratings to the main menu!

  • Largest $SIDUS deposit per day

  • Largest $SENATE deposit per day

  • Top Players’ Investment Points per day

Each rating is updated once per day at 00.00 UTC which is also when the rewards for the previous day are accrued. Rewards are as follows:

Toadwing Eggs add +0.1% Team Bonus drop chance

Many of you accumulated eggs during the Egg Hunting event, and now it's time to put them to work! From now on every egg you have in your collection will add +0.1% to the Team Bonus drop chance! Egg bonuses stack, which means that if you have enough of them, your drop chance can increase to 100%!

Username & Avatar added

The Metaverse must know their heroes by their face! That's why we’re displaying your avatar and name on several key pages of the game!

  • Game lobby

  • Download page

  • Current module leaderboard

  • Built module ownership

  • Victory and Defeat screens

  • Marketplace main screen

  • User profile screens (except Edit Profile)

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