Ver. 0.1.3



Statuses, effects and impacts

Added Status System


The Login Form and the Arena Lobby now offer useful information

Screen resolution

On devices with 1920x1080 screen resolution, characters will appear flawless and more vivid than before

Arena Lobby

  • Equipped Hero’s race and weapon abilities are now displayed under their image

  • MetaMask wallet addresses are returned to the Arena Lobby and match-making screens

  • Token balance display changed

Login window

Before starting the game, players must accept the cookies. To make this process completely clear and transparent, we’ve added a link to the Cookies fileright in the login window form


Added a notification icon that indicates new items in the Inventory

Combat session resumption & battle interface

  • Fixed the issue where players lost the combat session when the internet connection failed or the browser page was refreshed

  • If the opponent quits the game during the loading stage, Player will now receive a notification and be redirected to the match-making screen

Battle interface

  • The Skip Turn button has been moved from the center of the screen to the Abilities section. Now, all important actions are managed from one place, which saves game turn time

  • Energy pool now displays correctly

  • In the 3x3 battles, there are now 6 Heroes cards displayed in the turn order & the initiative bar

  • When a Hero is defeated, their card is removed from the turn order & initiative bar

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