Ver. 0.2.19

Replication SPEEDUP & Armor on Marketplace!

Hey guys! Look how much we’ve prepared for you in this Patch! We’re adding a lot of new stuff for you to upgrade your game and take the lead! In case you hadn't noticed, $SIDUS continues upward movement and now is the best time to gather some. We will do everything to ensure that this growth does not stop!

Replication SPEEDUP!

Can't wait to see your Replicant? We’ve got good news for you! Now you can speed up the replication process for Common and Epic capsules to just 3 days!!!

Immediately after the replication starts, you will see the “Speed ​​Up” button. Each click of the button reduces the replication time by 24 hours. The cost of the boost depends on the rarity of the replicated Hero:

  • Common Hero — $SIDUS 7,500

  • Epic Hero — $SIDUS 2,000

  • Legendary Hero — $SIDUS 500

You can speed up the replication 27 times for the Common capsule and 7 times for the Epic capsule!

Be careful! If the speed up is used when less than 24 hours are left, the boost cost does not decrease!

If you don't have enough $SIDUS, follow the link in the pop-up window and top up your balance!

Avenge your Allies!

All for one, and one for all! Previously, when one of your team members died from DoT effects during their turn, the turn automatically passed to the opponent. But that’s not how it’s supposed to work!

We fixed this injustice and the sequence works correctly again! The turn will now pass to another Hero on your team, and you will get a chance to avenge your fallen friend.

Licenses in Inventory

Got your licenses and feeling confused? We added detailed descriptions to each license in your inventory. Study them carefully as they will help you prepare for the release of new functionalities!

Lobby UI Update!

We have made some important updates in the lobby to make your game even more convenient. Details matter!

Hero abilities can now be hidden and revealed. By default, 1 racial ability icon is shown. By pressing the “reveal” button, all abilities are shown, and by pressing the “hide” button, the abilities are hidden again, leaving just one displayed. All hints stay on the icons.

Trade Armor on the Marketplace!!

We know it just appeared, but you can already sell or buy your Armor on the Marketplace! All tiers and types are available, so choose the one you need and fortify your hero!

Could it be any Cooler?!

How do you like this update, friends? All of this so that you have the opportunity to get as many resources as possible while there is still a good chance. $SIDUS is growing in price, and this process cannot be stopped! Collect as much as you can and get ready to fly to the moon!

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