Ver. 0.19.0

Introducing the newest Challenge Tournament with Gadolinite Boxes!

Bid farewell to the Brontos Challenge Tournament and get ready for the one you’ve all been waiting for! Our new tournament presents an exclusive opportunity to win a Grand Challenge Ticket and a Gadolinite Box!

The event dates are February 23 — March 23 (inclusive), so prepare to test your brainpower during some intense battles and win valuable rewards!

Read on for more details!

What is a Gadolinite Box?

A Gadolinite Box contains a substance of Epic rarity called Gadolinite, a resource that can be used for module building in the SIDUS HEROES Metaverse (Xenna, Nidum, etc.) and can also be used in the Hero Upgrade Center.

Players have a 100% chance of receiving 1 or 2 of these Gadolinite resources with every box.

NOTE: Gadolinite Boxes CANNOT be opened inside the application. They can be opened after the Xenna Ark rollout for the Xenna Orbital Station. The latter will kick off construction of Xenna’s first module.

Challenge Tournament With Gadolinite Boxes

At last, it’s time for you to earn Grand Challenge Tickets and Gadolinite Boxes while playing Xenna! The tournament will be held daily, with a maximum of 6 battles per day. The daily schedule is: 17:00–19:00 UTC.

We know you have more questions, so listen up.

What are the participation requirements?

  • A Tournament Access Card (you’ll earn one after reaching a rating of 100).

  • A Level-60 robot.

What is the cost of participating?

  • A Challenge Tournament Pass

  • 1 Challenge Ticket per battle

Some more details for you:

  • Challenge Mode — Life Surge

  • Abilities — Any

  • Player Characteristics do NOT influence a robot’s Abilities in the Tournament.

  • 10 Players required

  • Number of battles considered for the Tournament rating — 1.


As mentioned, the Tournament’s rewards include Grand Challenge Tickets and Gadolinite Boxes.

The prize fund is for those who reach 1–100th Place.

Here is the breakdown:

Note: Only authorized players can receive Gadolinite Boxes in the Challenge Tournament- so be sure to link your Email and MetaMask addresses to your in-game accounts.

If there are any unauthorized players among the 100 winners, they will NOT be awarded Gadolinite Boxes. Furthermore, their boxes will NOT be redistributed to other participants.

Life Surge Mode

When a cohort takes damage, it creates a Life Orb. By picking up the orb, the cohort gains Health, depending on the damage taken by the cohort. To pick up the orb, the robot must be within a certain radius of it. This radius depends on the type of robot selected. Storm damage does not generate Life Orbs!

The actual amount of Health restored depends on the type of robot that picks up the orb, as well as the size of that robot’s parts.

Dive into battle and earn yourself some Gadolinite Boxes, now that Xenna has truly become a bona fide Play-to-Earn game!

Download version 0.19.0 and enjoy!

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